Remember Me

A girl lives in the outskirts of a town in Paris. She is an ordinary girl and no one ever pays much attention to her. She had always liked a boy that she met when she was 16 and she had never met him after that party in the summer. People always called her a nobody so she knew that she would never meet him again, because he has a girlfriend that protects him like a diamond necklace.


2. Flashback

I just fall down onto my bed the second I get home. The sweet smell of my rooms make me feel safe. The city always makes me tense and annoyed. I guess the lack of people around me in everyday life makes me less social.

The kiss always came back to my head like an alarm. It feels like Felicia is playing with me and trying to annoy me. I just closed my eyes to looked back at that night.

I stood there on the balcony looking down at everyone dancing and prancing. Beautiful dresses were everywhere and they all danced around like a work of art. I had no one to dance with so I just stood up here looking down at everyone having fun. I looked down at my dress that was custom made for me. It was a turquoise dress that flowed like water with small white sequins that looked like foam on the water. It was especially slim for me and especially long. The top part was just  turquoise colour and a strap that was a perl necklace. My hair was but up in a bun of braids and strands of hair that dropped on the side of my face, but the dress and the hair came to so much waste. I did not dance or prance like the other people. I just stood there and waited for the party to be over. I looked down at my empty glass and walked down the stairs to pour more water into my glass. As a stood and picked up the jar to pour water into my glass, a boy came up to me and said hello. I stood still and didn’t turn around. I asked him if he knew who I was, and he answered but told me he did not care and took me to the dance floor. His face was familiar to me and after ten minutes I noticed who it was. Alexander was one of the most popular boys and all the girls dream. He was really nice to me and we had a wonderful time. Every girl looked admirably at me, but really jealous. The one who stood out the most was of course Felicia who was getting tears in her eyes, because she wanted to be in my place. That was when my wonderful time ended, my father pulled my arm and dragged me off the dance floor. Alexander tried to grab my hand, but father just told him to stay away from me, Juliet. Father took me up the stairs and left me there. The night almost faded away and everyone started going home. I walked to the stairs where everyone was leaving from. Cars left and the place hall started to calm down. I sat down on the staircase when Alexander passed and sat down to talk to me. Then father came and dragged Alexander to his car and told him to leave me alone. Tears started dripping from my eyes and I tried to ask him to stay. A ran away from my fathers reach and he told me to go meet in the lamppost in the forest where no one would find us. I told my parents to do home before me, because I was going to stay and help to clean up. The second they left I ran into the forest with only a small light from my lantern. I came to the middle of the forest and saw his face. I gave him a hug and we laid down on the grass and looked up the stars shining above us. Time passed and we didn’t have much time left. As it got late we walked hand in hand until we came to the opening where my car was waiting. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and my hand slowly slipped out of his hand. I stepped into the car, knowing that I would never meet or speak to him again, but h promised that we would meet again when we were old enough. Not knowing what he meant with when we are old enough, my car drove off on the dusty road. Tears started to fill my eyes. Not being a nobody can only last for one night. 

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