Lost Love

"I just love you and can't imagine my life without you."
We all make mistakes, but what if we're just paying for a fault that we didn't actually do ?!
It hurts to be away from the person you love the most, but will you forgive them for what they did to you ?!
Will you just run into another person's arms just to comfort yourself and try to forget about the person you love ?!
We're just lost in love ....


1. My little monster

Jason's P.O.V

She was still fast asleep, looking like an angel. I liked watching her while she's asleep, even though she doesn't like it. I just can't take my eyes off of her. I love her and love the way she looks, I like her brown dark long hair, her green eyes they are full of life. Her smile that shows the happiness in her spirit. I love everything about her..especially her lips. When they touch mine, I feel like I own the world.

It's already ten in the morning and she's still asleep. Usually she wakes up at seven or six in the morning, and wakes me up along too. She's so annoyingly charming.

Yesterday she worked hard to finish her project. She's taking photography classes at college and likes what she's doing. This semester she gets her degree, and I'm so happy and excited for her. She always finishes her assignments beforehand, always stresses out, but in the end, she does the work perfectly.

Her personality is amusing. I've known her for three years now, yet she can't stop surprising me. There's always something new about her. So today I'm the one surprising her, for a change. I took the day off to spend it with her since we are not spending much time together lately.

I got my ass down stairs and prepared breakfast for us. I tried my best to fry some eggs but it just burnt so I tossed it in the sink. I took some milk and made two cups of chocolate milk, I searched the drawers and came up with some cookies she had made couple of days ago. I got all the stuff on a tray and headed back up to our bedroom.

I hardly made it upstairs to our bedroom without tripping on my way, and crashing the cups that are sitting on the tray. When I enter the room, I find her still asleep, the only sound I could hear is her slow soft snorts. Her hair sprawled on the pillow in beautiful waves. I place the tray on the desk and sit on the bed next to her sleeping figure, caressing her soft hair.

"Good morning babe," I whisper in her ear but she didn't respond. I tried to whisper in her ear again, "rise and shine little monster" but she didn't budge. I leaned in and gave her a peck on her warm lips.

I could hear the rate of her breath change, indicating that she's waking up. "You smell like chocolate" was the first thing she said before even opening her eyes. I chuckled knowing how much she likes chocolate.

"Well, good morning to you too babe."

Finally, she opened her eyes to find my face only inches away from hers. "Were you creeping on me again?!" she says with a lazy smile drawing on her face. By 'creeping on her' she means that I was watching her while she's sleeping.

"Well?!" she said, brushing her nose on my cheek. She's driving me crazy. "Um..yeah." I don't even know why am I stuttering! She just took me off guard. She fell in a fit of giggles, putting her arms around my neck and hugging me closer.

"I would like if you hand me that cup of chocolate you made, before it's cold." She whispered. I place a kiss on her cheek "I'll give it to you on one condition" I said with a sly smirk. She motioned with her head for me to go on.

"Give me a good morning kiss first" I give her my most innocent look ever. She smirks at me, pulling away from me. Lying back in bed she put her arms under her head and closed her eyes acting like she doesn't care.

"I'm not giving you, take it yourself."

She likes to challenge me all the time. I've never said that living with her is easy, but I can put up with her, gladly.

"You little monster" I shout at her playfully, edging closer to her and stealing a kiss. "I was just being polite, asking it from you. I was gonna take it one way or another."

She giggles getting up from the bed, motioning for me to join her at the desk. "You're a real monster, you know that?!" I say as I sit down on the chair, and she sits on my lap handing me one of the cups.

"This is the weirdest nickname you've ever called me. I'm not that bad after all." She winks at me, adding an "I love you"before pressing a soft kiss to my lips then taking a sip from the cup of chocolate milk.

After she finished the whole cup, I looked at her carefully.

"Did you like it?" I ask her, not really sure if I did it right.

"Are you kidding me?! It tastes like heaven," she smiles at me, "you should do it more often, you should try to cook too" she adds. I tried to hold back my laugh, but I couldn't stop myself.

She looked at me confused, "well, you'll take back what you've just said, when you see the pan that I burned in the sink." I say still laughing and holding both of her hands in mine, preventing her from slapping me.

"Fine I won't slap you, let go" she said when I refused to release her hands. "Come on, I need to shower" she added, giving me that pleading look. At the moment I let her go she slapped me playfully on the cheek and stormed to the bathroom locking the door behind her.

I followed her knocking on the door, I wanted to get in and have a shower with her. I could hear her move in there, and I was wondering what she was doing. So unpredictable. The moment she unlocked the door, I turned the handle and stepped in. To be welcomed by cold water.

"Didn't I tell you're a monster?!" I said. Her laughter fills the whole house as she looks at me.

"You think this is funny?" I say with a frown pointing at my wet clothes. She nods her head still laughing. I close the bathroom's door, and that's when the water war began.

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