You Lost Me (A Luke Brooks Fanfic)

Chrissi has always lived next to the Brooks brothers. They were her best friends since they were tiny. They told each other everything, even things they would never tell anybody else. You could never tear them apart. But their feelings started getting in the way of things....


10. Chapter 9


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"Luke can you come with me?" I asked. 

"Yes, sure."

I grabbed his wrist and led him outside of the theater. 

"What?" He asked.

"Look Luke, I'm sorry about being snappy and acting like I don't care about you, because I do. I really do. I love you, and right now I don't care that you hurt me. All I care about, is doing this." I lifted my self on my tip toes so I could kiss him. Right when our lips touched, I felt sparks. He pulled away.

"This doesn't feel right. You're dating Daniel."

"No. I broke up with him, because your the one I love." We both leaned back in, and didn't pul away. His hands were on my waist, mine around is neck. We were there kissing for a while. Until the usher interrupted us.

"The movie is starting." I intertwined my hand in his and we walked in. Once we walked all the way up to the last row.

Beau quickly snapped a picture before we could object and posted it with a caption. No more skipstina :(, but lukestina's got it going on ;)." 

"Sooooo, are you guys going out?" He said winking at me and Luke.

"Yeah, I guess so." Luke said smiling at me.

I looked at Daniel and he mouthed "don't worry" and smiled. He's the best. 

"Luke you can sit in my spot if you want, I'll sit were you were sitting." 

"Thanks Skip." Daniel winked at him.

Luke sat next to me as the movie started. Every five minutes I would jump or shove my head in his chest. He smiled and wrapped his arm around me. The movie finished and the lights turned on. I was mentally scarred.

"That was horrifying!" I said.

"C'mon it wasn't that scary!" Luke assured me.

"You're telling me you weren't scared?" 

"No I was at a few points, but I was expecting more."

"What more were you expecting??"

"I don't know, it just didn't do it for me."

The walk to the car was awkward and silent, but I broke the awkwardness. I jumped on Luke's back and yelled "PIGGY BACK RIDE!" He ran around the parking lot and Jai made a keek and posted it. He put me down and we just looked at each other, breathing heavily. We leaned in and our lips touched. Our lips moved together and our tongues explored each others mouths. We were interrupted by our phones buzzing from a twitter notification.

"@JaiBrooks1: Quit making out and get your asses to the car @ChrissiTaylor @luke_brooks."

We laughed and slowly strolled over to the car.

"So when are you going to officially tell your fans?" I asked.


"Well I mean Jai just made it painfully obvious."

"Yeah I guess. How about now?"

"Sure!" He snapped a picture and captioned it "I've been waiting forever to call her mine. I finally get to @ChrissiTaylor"

He posted it on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, to get as many fans as possible aware of it.

"You're cute!" I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Not as cute as you." He said kissing my softly.


"Exactly what I think when you're with Juliana!" I said trying to relate.
"Bitch" he said playfully.




We laughed at our silliness. The rest of the car ride was silent.

Luke's POV

I walked Chrissi to her door.

"This was possibly one of the best days ever." I said happily.

"Yeah, I think your right." She said smiling. We leaned in and smiled mid kiss. 

"Goodnight." She walked in.

"Goodnight babe." She closed the door and I walked back to mine.

I put on an old tshirt and some boxers and layed in bed, thinking. Chrissi was finally mine. She was the most beautiful, perfect girlfriend you could ever ask for. I decided to tweet her since she was on.

"@luke_brooks: Hey beautiful @ChrissiTaylor <3"

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks hehe hi <3"

"@luke_brooks: @ChrissiTaylor I just wanted you to know that your perfect"

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks Not as perfect as you"

"@luke_brooks: @ChrissiTaylor You're cute"

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks Go to sleep. I am goodnight <3"

"@luke_brooks: @ChrissiTaylor Goodnight gorgeous"

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