You Lost Me (A Luke Brooks Fanfic)

Chrissi has always lived next to the Brooks brothers. They were her best friends since they were tiny. They told each other everything, even things they would never tell anybody else. You could never tear them apart. But their feelings started getting in the way of things....


9. Chapter 8

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I decided to ignore what just happened with Luke and just focus on Skip.

"Chrissi if you think, us, isn't the best idea because of Luke then-"

"No, Skip, Luke decided to hurt me, that was his call. Now it's his fault this is happening, not ours."

"Are you sure?" He asked raising his eyebrows.

"Yes! Absolutely." I kissed him softly.


"SURE LET ME JUST GO GET READY!" I screamed back, standing up.

"Want me to come with?" Skip offered.


He intertwined his hand in mine and we walked across the street. I unlocked the door and we walked in, still holding hands.

"Okay, you sit on the couch while I go get ready. Feel free to watch some T.V."

I ran up stairs to my bedroom and got undressed. I put on some white short shorts and a blue and white striped knit crop top with a white cami underneath. I slipped on some white converse and  ran back downstairs. 

"K I'm ready lets go." I said holding my hand out for him to take.

"Before we go lets take a picture. I'll post it on twitter"

"Yeah about that, when are you planning on telling your fans?"

"Now, if it's okay with you."

"Yes! It's perfect!" 

He took a picture and captioned it "My girlfriend! She's perfect <3" I blushed and kissed him on the cheek. My mentions exploded, some tweets about Skip, some about Luke, and a whole lot of hate.

I saw a tweet that Luke tweeted. 

"@luke_brooks: I'm sorry for everything that I've done to hurt you. If I could turn back time and make you mine, I would."

That's when my mentions exploded into a volcano of hate.

"Why did you hurt Luke?"

"Just choose one if them"

"If you don't apologize to Luke, you WILL regret it" 

I caught my breathe at that last tweet. When Luke's fans say something, they mean it. I'll deal with this tomorrow.

"Alright lets go now!" I said dragging Skip out the door. We held hands as we walked across the street. I knocked on the door and Luke answered. He was dressed so I assumed he was coming too. Great.


"Hi" I said squeezing a smile. "Are Jai and Beau ready?"

"Yep I hear footsteps so I think so." Just then they walked up to the door.

We walked to the car, Beau driving, Luke in the passenger seat, and me in the middle of Skip and Jai. James went home because he had a date to get ready for.

Once we arived we got our tickets, bought some popcorn and soda and walked into the theater. We sat way in the back. The row went Beau, Skip, me, Jai, and Luke. While it was showing the trailors I decided to reply to Luke's tweet.

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks look if this is about me I'm sorry too. But you hurt me Luke, hard. And you're the one that told me to move on so here I am dating Skip."

"@luke_brooks: @ChrissiTaylor Chrissi look, I would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to make you mine. I love you so much words can't explain how I feel about you. You're different than any other girl I've met."

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks That's how I felt. Until you hurt me." Okay that was a lie. I still felt that way about him.

I turned toward Skip and kissed him, for a few seconds or so. "Look, Skip, I love you, nothing could change that, but just as a friend. And no matter how much I say it's not true, I love Luke." I whispered so only we could here.

He nodded. "I understand. It's your decision."

"Thank you Skip, you're the best." I said hugging him tightly. 

"Luke, can you come with me?" I asked Luke.

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