You Lost Me (A Luke Brooks Fanfic)

Chrissi has always lived next to the Brooks brothers. They were her best friends since they were tiny. They told each other everything, even things they would never tell anybody else. You could never tear them apart. But their feelings started getting in the way of things....


4. Chapter 3





Chrissi's POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone pinging. I realized I had forgotten to set it on silent and I did so right now. I looked at the time and it was 6:00 am. Who had texted me this early? I opened up iMessage to find a text from my mum.

Mum: Just arrived! It's so beautiful here! How are you?? xx

I texted her back.

Chrissi: Im fine mum! Thanks for asking. The boys and Gina really helped out last night because I was upset. And next time, before you call or text, please check to see what time it is here! I'm going back to sleep now. xx <3

Mum: Oh I'm sorry honey I forgot! I will next time. Love you! xx <3

Chrissi: love you too xx <3

I tried my best to go back to sleep but I kept tossing and turning. I just decided to go on twitter instead. 

I realized I had an interaction from around the time I had went to sleep. 

"@luke_brooks: Goodnight, sweet dreams beautiful @ChrissiTaylor"

He always called me beautiful, I didn't really pay too much attention to it. He just means it as a friend. I clicked reply.

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks I just saw this. Thanks doe cutie pie ;)" I sent it.

I had just realized my follower count was at 20k. I couldn't believe it after a few shoutouts and a couple mentions I instantly had 20k followers. Wow.

My mentions blew up after my last tweet.

"Are you dating Luke?"

"You and Luke would be so cute together!"

"Aw #lukestina5ever"

How did they know my full first name was Christina? I scrolled through Luke's tweets and I figured it out.

"@luke_brooks: #embarrassyourbestfriend Chrissi's name is really Christina shhh."

I hated my first name. No one called me Christina anyway though. I didn't find it that embarrassing but I was mad. Not an angry mad though like a playful mad.

I knew me and Luke would make a cute couple but Luke just doesn't like me. After being on twitter for a few more hours, at 9:00 I decided to head downstairs. To my surprise Luke was already awake. 

"Good morning gorgeous." I blushed and looked at the ground.

"Good morning handsome. How are you?" I saw him blush and smile. 

"I'm great how are you?"

"Good." Was all I responded.

I poured myself some orange juice and didn't really eat anything considering I wasn't really all that hungry. "I'm just gunna go to my house and take a shower and get ready. I have dance so I'll be back around 1:00." 

"Ok that's fine." We hugged and he kissed me on the forehead before I left. He was so protective of me, like a dad. 

I walked across the street and into my bathroom. I shut the door then locked it behind me. After I had stripped my clothes I walked into the shower, the heat instantly warming my skin. After I finished I walked out and wrapped myself in a towel. I got dressed in a purple sports tank and black yoga shorts. I wanted to be comfortable for dance. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I had dance. I demonstrated on Monday but today was Wednesday so I had class. On Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday I went to the gym and Sunday was my lazy day.

I got a smaller towel for my hair and squeezed some water out. Then I blow dried my hair and straightened it. I put my hair into a high ponytail at the crown of my head. All I did for makeup was some waterproof and sweat proof concealer. I grabbed a water bottle and my phone along with my dance bag and headed out. I locked the door and walked to my dance center which was only 5 minutes away. 

I had finished. Today I had tap and Jazz company and lyrical. I got undressed and showered again but didn't wash my hair. I got dressed now into some yoga pants and an old T-shirt. I scrolled through my twitter and saw a tweet in my interactions from Daniel. 

"@danielsahyounie: @ChrissiTaylor PLEASE GET TO BEAUS HOUSE ASAP!!"

I wonder what had happened. I slipped on my Abercrombie flip flops and practically ran across the street with nothing but my iPhone. I didn't even bother to knock I just opened the door. 

I walked in and the boys were sitting on the couch all serious like. 

"What happened?!" Just as I said that Skip burst into tears.

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