You Lost Me (A Luke Brooks Fanfic)

Chrissi has always lived next to the Brooks brothers. They were her best friends since they were tiny. They told each other everything, even things they would never tell anybody else. You could never tear them apart. But their feelings started getting in the way of things....


18. Chapter 16

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My eyes fluttered open and I realized I wasn't in my bed. I looked around to see Luke next to me, we were on his bunk. I giggled, he looked so cute asleep. I got out my phone and quickly snapped a picture to tweet it.

"Aww, what a cutie @luke_brooks " I attached the picture to the tweet and turned my phone off. I snuggled in closer to Luke, he smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist. Gosh what was that boy dreaming about.

I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep again but I felt someone kiss the bridge of my nose. I opened my eyes and looked up, to see Luke smiling at me. 

"Good morning gorgeous." He smiled at me and I returned the action.

"Good morning handsome." 

I looked down and i was wearing a shirt of Luke's with a pair of his boxers. I climbed down the ladder and jumped onto the ground and Luke followed me. He led me down the stairs. 

"I'm gunna get home and freshen up." 

"Okay babe." 

I walked across the street and took a shower. I put on a white flowy tank top with some coral colored capris. I slipped on a pair of white sandals. 

I blow dried and straightened my hair.
I applied a little bit of concealer, blush, mascara, and lip gloss and grabbed my phone. I decided to tweet Luke.

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks Got any plans today? <3 xx"

"@luke_brooks: @ChrissiTaylor Yeah me and the guys are shooting a video. Wanna film for us?"

"@ChrissiTaylor: @luke_brooks I would be honored to ;)"

"@luke_brooks: @ChrissiTaylor Meet us at the park at 12:00 <3 xx"

I checked the time. It was 11:30. So I had half an hour to do whatever I want. I smiled and ran upstairs. I put my iPhone in the dock on my stereo and turned the volume up as loud as it would go. I started jamming out to One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer songs. 

Right when I sat down on my bed to take a break Irresistible came on. I started giggling and I grabbed my guitar. I was going to have to ask Luke to give me a few lessons, because I never really thought about taking lessons. I checked my phone and it was already 12:00. Shit.

I grabbed my phone and ran downstairs and to the park that was about 5 minutes if you walked, so about a 3 minute run. By the time I got to the boys, I was panting. They started laughing when they saw me.

"Woah, slow down there." Luke said while walking towards me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and we smiled at each other. 

"Could your smile be anymore perfect?" Luke asked me and I blushed. The boys around us started wolf whistling. For a second I had forgotten they were here. "Your gorgeous." He added, which made the boys wolf whistle even more.

I scratched the back of my neck and smiled weakly. "Sure, I mean, if you were comparing me to a sack of potatoes." 

He frowned. "Is there something wrong?" 

"No. It's just, you always call me gorgeous and beautiful but I never believe it." He turned himself around to face me, and stroked my cheek gently with his thumb. 

"Well, please, believe this. You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. I have been completely in love with you for so long. Your sweet, caring, generous. I love you Chrissi." He said before leaning in and giving me a light peck on the lips. "Do you believe it now?" I shook my head. He leaned in again, this time the kiss lasted a few seconds, it was much more intimate than the first one. "How about now?"

"Maybe." I joked and we both laughed. We were interrupted by Skip clearing his throat. 

"Sorry but we got a video to shoot!" He said waving the camera around. I snatched the camera from his hands and our fingers slightly brushed each other. His face turned bright red and he walked over to where the boys stood.

Beau whispered something to Daniel and Daniel nodded.

"Are you guys talking about me?" I question Beau and Skip.

Skip coughed awkwardly. "Erm, no." He looked away and scratched the back of his neck, his face turned red again.

"Guys tell me." I said sternly.

"I love you okay!" Daniel said and he walked off. My eyes widened and froze to the place Skip was before he stormed off.

"I'm gunna go talk to him." I said as I snapped out of it. I hesitantly walked over to Skip. "Daniel? Are you okay?" He turned to face me and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. 

"No." He said and looked down.

"Daniel I love you too." His head snapped up. "Just not in that way, I'm sorry." I said walking closer to him.

"I understand. It's just hard you know, having the girl your in love with, being in love with your best friend." A tear ran down his cheek.

"I'm so sorry, Skip. I love Luke. I don't think I will ever love a guy the way I love him." I poured my heart out. He just nodded and looked away. I quickly pecked him on the cheek. "Lets go." I whispered and he nodded again.

"Alright you guys ready!!" I asked.

They all sat on the ground and apparently, they were doing their fourth Q and A video. Luke was scrolling through his twitter and asking questions, while the other boys answered, and sometimes he would join in on answering.

When they were done with answering questions, Luke came up to me and grabbed the camera, still having it face toward him.

"Okay as some of you guys may know, I have a girlfriend. If you don't, her name is Chrissi. She has been in a few of our past videos because I have known her since we were four. Okay Chrissi say hi!" Luke said pointing the camera toward me at the end. I waved to the camera and blew a kiss. He turned the camera toward him again. "Okay, that's it! Goodbye guys." He stopped recording and shut the camera off.

We started walking home, and it was pretty quiet. Not awkward though, just peaceful. I liked that. Luke had his arm around my shoulder and I had mine around his waist. Once we were about halfway home, I broke the silence. 

"Hey Luke?"

"Yes gorgeous."

"Do you ever think you could give me guitar lessons?"

He turned his head to face me. "Yeah, that sounds fun." He smiled and I smiled back. The rest of the walk was silent again. 

When we got to the house, Luke and I walked upstairs to Luke and Jai's room. My hands were placed on his shoulders and his on my waist. We just looked at each other before slowly leaning in. When our lips touched, sparks flew. Our lips moved together, and I loved the way his cold lip ring pressed against my lip.

"LUKE, CHRISSI WERE PLAYING FIFA WANNA—" I heard Daniel's voice at the door and quickly pulled away. "Oh, I'm sorry I interrupted." He said and walked back downstairs. 

I sighed and plopped myself on the bottom bunk. Luke took a seat next to me.  

The truth was, even though I didn't think of Skip as a boyfriend, it hurts me seeing him like this. No matter what, he will always be one of my best friends. But I love Luke. I love Luke, a lot. More than I've ever loved anyone. "Luke, I'm gunna go out for a bit."

"Do you want me to come with?"

"No, I wanna be alone."

"Okay. Bye babe." He said before giving me a peck on the lips.

I walked downstairs and out the door. I decided to give my cousin a call. His name is Dylan. He is a record producer for some major label that I can never seem to remember the name of. He knows how much I love to sing so sometimes I go there and just sing my heart out in the cute little recording room.

I clicked on his contact and called.

"Hey there buttercup! How are you?"

"Hey Dylan I'm great. Did I ever tell you, I have a boyfriend now!"

"Really? Is the one of those Janoskabitches?"

I giggled. "It's the Janoskians." I corrected him. "And yes, he is in the Janoskians."

"Ooh girl, they're hot." And before you ask, no he's not gay, he just acts like that. "Which one?"

"Wait can I come to the studio?"

"Absolutely. I'm on my way to your house."

"Kay bye."

"Bye, see you in a bit." And with that I hung up.

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