You Lost Me (A Luke Brooks Fanfic)

Chrissi has always lived next to the Brooks brothers. They were her best friends since they were tiny. They told each other everything, even things they would never tell anybody else. You could never tear them apart. But their feelings started getting in the way of things....


15. Chapter 13

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Luke's POV

Chrissi was perfect. I need her. What can I do to get her to be my girlfriend again. Or at least not to go to England.

Then it hit me. I will sing to her. It's not really me, but I would do anything to get her back. 

I ran upstairs and started thinking of songs. I decided to do Irresistible by One Dorection. I called Jai upstairs and woke Beau up. 

"Okay guys so me and Chrissi broke up. And to get her back, I'm going to sing to her." I stated.

"Dude that's really cliché, yet it's still a good idea." Jai commented.

"When and where are you going to do it?" Beau asked.

"How about tomorrow. I don't really know where yet." 

"Okay umm, how about a place where there's a lot of people. To show her you don't care how many people know you love her." Jai suggested.

"That's good." I said trying to think of a crowded place. "How at the mall?"

"That's a really good idea!" Beau commented.

"Alright then you guys go tell Chrissi you are going shopping with her tomorrow. I'm also going to need some help with background vocals."

Chrissi's POV

I was just on my bed thinking. Should I ask Luke to take me back? Or would that sound too desperate? I didn't know what to do. It would all be too complicated because I'm going to England in a few days. My doorbell rang. 

I dragged myself downstairs too see Jai and Beau. I was a little disappointed not to see Luke, but I tried not to show it. "Hey come in!" I said gesturing for them to enter.

We walked upstairs to my bedroom like we always do. 

"Chrissi, were taking you shopping tomorrow." Jai broke the silence. I was up for it.

"Sure why not."

"Alright, so lets find an outfit for you to wear then!" Beau said in a girly voice.

I giggled. "That's really not necessary. I can choose my outfit tomorrow."

"No, no, no you need to choose something nice." Beau said smirking and Jai chuckled. 

What the fuck is going on. "And why's that?" I asked clearly confused.

"Because a jumper and jeans ain't cutting it for you girl." 

"Alright fine!"

After we checked the weather, and seeing that it was going to be hot yet again tomorrow, I decided on a black high waisted circle skirt with a coral colored bandeau top.

"Alright your wearing those." Jai said pointing to my nude pumps. 

"Guys I'm going shopping, not to a fashion show!" I said giggling.

"You're wearing them." Jai demanded.

"Ugh fine."

"Okay and curl your hair." 

"Guys can I ask you something." I asked.

"Sure." They said in unison. 

"Why am I dressing so fancy for shopping?"

They exchanged glances nervously. "Are you guys not telling me something. Because if your not, remember you can tell me anything."

They practically ignored my comment just giving each other nervous looks. 

"Um we gotta to Luke. Be ready at noon tomorrow." Beau said nervously and grabbed Jai's wrist. 

Before I could even respond they ran downstairs and I heard my front door shut. I just shrugged it off and went on twitter.

"@ChrissiTaylor: Can you guys pleaseeeeee tell me what's going on @JaiBrooks1 @BrooksBeau"

"@JaiBrooks: @ChrissiTaylor Not happening bby nice try ;)"

"@BrooksBeau: @ChrissiTaylor Nope :)))"

I sighed and just scrolled through my mentions. I saw that I was at 50K followers. I replied to a few people and retweeted a few too. I saw that Luke had tweeted.

"@luke_brooks: I have a very special surprise for someone tomorrow ;)"

That was weird. Something was up. I just went downstairs and grabbed my keys and phone, and decided to go to Starbucks. I ordered a Caramel Frappuccino and walked to the park. 

I needed some fresh air. I just walked around and then sat on bench. I did it to take my mind off things but I found myself thinking about it the whole time.

I knew it was something good that was going to happen though. Things like this usually don't get to me, but for some reason, the suspense is killing me. I knew it had to do with Luke, Beau, Jai and I. That's pretty much it.

I looked at the time and it was 3:00. I got back to mine, but I decided to go to the boys' house. I knocked on the door and Jai answered.

"Oh, uh, hey." He said nervously. 

"Jai if you can't tell me what the fuck is going on I'm leaving." I said. I was really furious.

"Chrissi please don't."

"Bye." I said storming across the street angrily. 

I walked into my house and slammed the door shut. I was still going shopping tomorrow though because something was going to happen at the mall and I'm going to figure out. 

I changed into some loungewear and went downstairs to my sofa to watch a few reruns of Friends. It was my favorite show and I always watched reruns.

I don't even know how many reruns I had watched before it started getting dark. I felt myself slowly dozing off. 



 My eyes fluttered open and I checked my phone for the time. It was 11:00, just enough time to get ready.

I took a quick shower and put on my bandeau, skirt, and pumps. I put on concealer, mascara, eyeliner, coral blush and pink lip gloss. I blow dried and curled my hair into tight curls. I checked my phone and it was 11:55.  I took a picture and posted it on Instagram and Twitter.

I captioned it "I finally get to figure out what this "surprise" is." 

I walked over to the Brooks' house and knocked on the door. Jai and Beau were upstairs fixing their hair. 

"Are you guys ready?" I asked.

"Yup. Lets go." Jai said linking our arms.

"You look great." Beau said as he did the same on my other side. 
"Thank you." I said blushing. We walked into the car and soon enough we were at the mall. I was practically jumping in my seat the entire car ride.

We walked around a little and when the front of the food court was visible, my eyes widened.

"Is that Luke??" I squinted. "Carrying a guitar??"

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