You Lost Me (A Luke Brooks Fanfic)

Chrissi has always lived next to the Brooks brothers. They were her best friends since they were tiny. They told each other everything, even things they would never tell anybody else. You could never tear them apart. But their feelings started getting in the way of things....


12. Chapter 10

Twitter: @ArianaPixieStix

Juliana's character is @bananarryfroyoz on twitter. And I'm just saying, this isn't a true story :)

If you haven't already, please read the Authors Note before this chapter. I mention a few important things in it.


Luke's POV

I woke up with a smile on my face because I had remembered that Chrissi was my girlfriend. I jumped off my bed and got downstairs. Jai and Beau were awake and eating pancakes.

"Good morning!" I said a little too perky.

"Why's he so happy." Jai asked

"Because Chrissi's his girlfriend!" Beau said winking at me.

I blushed and looked at the ground. I grabbed a plate stacked a few pancakes on it. I sat down and dug in. 

Chrissi's POV

I woke up and remembered that Luke was my boyfriend. I smiled like a goofball and got up. 

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I got dressed in a baby pink shirt with black polka dots on it. I slipped on some skinny jeans and black high top converse. I blow dried and straightened my hair. I parted it on my left side, like always. I grabbed my phone and headed across the street.

It was Monday, pancake day at the Brooks house. I just opened the door like I lived there like usual. Right when Luke saw me he stood up and ran over and wrapped his arm around me tightly. I just hugged back. When we pulled away we sort of just got lost in each others eyes. We were interrupted by a door knocking. I opened and it was Juliana.

"Chrissi come with me!" She said gripping my wrist tightly and dragging me back to my house. We walked in and she started pacing back and forth as I closed the door.

"Woah woah woah, what happened? What's wrong?" I asked concerned.

"Okay you might wanna sit down." She offered. I sat.

"Okay so the other day my parents got divorced-"

"Oh my gosh Juliana. I'm so sorry, I..."

"It's okay." She said tears welling up in her eyes. "But I did something I'm not so proud of..."

"Juliana, tell me what happened."

"Maybe showing you would be easier." She unzipped her hoodie and took it off, exposing cuts one her forearms. I stared at her in shock. I didn't know what to say. I just got up and hugged her. She cried and hugged back. 

I pulled away. "Juliana, we have to tell someone. You need help. Promise me you won't do this again."

"I can't promise you that. I did this both days, and I don't know I can't stop now. And you CAN'T tell ANYONE!"

"At least tell Jai. He loves you. He would want to know."

"Can you do it with me?" 

"Sure. Now?"

"Okay. Wait actually. You distract Luke and Beau. I'll tell him myself."

"You sure?" 


Juliana's POV

Telling Jai was going to be quite hard. But I know I can do it. I love him enough and I really have to tell him.

Me and Chrissi walked across the street. 

"Hey Luke, Beau, can you guys come upstairs for a minute? We have to, umm, do something." Chrissi asked.

Chrissi's POV

"Okay then." Luke said as he followed me and Beau tagged along.

"So what do we have to do?" Beau asked.

"Umm, you guys have to give me a singing lesson! You guys are so good, and-"

"Chrissi, you don't need singing lessons. Your one of the best singers I've ever heard!" Luke said.

"No I insist." Luke sighed.

"Okay um do the do re me thing." Beau commanded.

"You mean a scale?" I chuckled.

"Yeah that thing."

Juliana's POV

"Okay Jai, I really have to tell you something."


"I don't know how to tell you, I'll show you." By now he looked really concerned. I unzipped my hoodie and hesitantly threw it off.

He stared in shock. He kept looking from my forearms to my eyes. 

"Juliana, no, no! Why?!" He asked pulling my wrists and sitting me down next to him. I winced, he had touched my raw scars.

"My parents got divorced the other day, and I cut both days." He pulled me into such a tight hug and I cried into his chest. 

"Juliana have you told anyone else?"

"Just Chrissi. And you cant tell anyone else."

"But you have to seek professional help!"

"Jai, I'm nicely asking you not to tell."

"Okay fine. But please don't do this again."

"I won't." We smiled at each other and I kissed him softly.

Chrissi's POV

I got a text from Juliana. 

Juliana: I'm done. Come downstairs if you are. :)

"Okay I think that's enough lessons." I said laughing slightly. 

"What no thank you?" Luke says pulling me closer to him.

"Thanks babe." I say kissing him. He smiles and we all walk downstairs.

I saw that Jai had just tweeted. 

"@JaiBrooks1: If you self harm, please get help. No matter how much you want it to be a secret. Please stop hurting yourselves. I love you all so much."


Okay I hope you liked the chapter. And I want you all to know, if you self harm, please stop. Someone in the world loves you and if you don't think so, your wrong because I love you. <3

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