You Lost Me (A Luke Brooks Fanfic)

Chrissi has always lived next to the Brooks brothers. They were her best friends since they were tiny. They told each other everything, even things they would never tell anybody else. You could never tear them apart. But their feelings started getting in the way of things....


2. Chapter 1

Chrissi's POV 

I was bawling as my parents turned their back to me and walked over to security. Beau saw me and wrapped me up into a bug bear hug. This isn't the first time he's seen me cry. Him, Jai, and Luke were basically brothers to me. They had all seen me cry.

We hopped in the car. Even though Beau had seen me cry, I didn't really like it when he did, because I would be a mess and my makeup would get all smudged. So I decided to continue my crying while looking out the window. When we arrived I was still crying and Beau could tell. 

"Why don't you come over and sleepover?" He asked. 

"I think that would be a great idea!" I said now smiling but I could still feel tears. "Let me just get my stuff and get dreesed." The time now was 6:00 so I thought I would just get dressed while I had my privacy. The Brooks brothers were nice and all but they're sorta perverts so I don't feel safe changing at their house.

I put on some yoga shorts and a basic black tank. I brought a jumper to wear over my tank in case I got cold. I removed my makeup. I honestly think I have pretty good skin so I don't feel uncomfortable without concealer. In my bag I put in the jumper, some hair ties and bobby pins, my phone, and other stuff. I put my hair up into a neat topknot and walked out the door. I locked it with my house key and walked across the street. It suddenly hit me why I was going and I felt the tears again. I knocked on the door and Gina immediately answered. She saw my eyes red. " aw sweetie are you upset about your parents?" 

"Yes" I said and cried into her shoulder. After a few minutes I got my self together and walked upstairs to Luke and Jai's room where the boys were hanging out. Luke saw my eyes and immediately ran up and gave me such a big hug. Luke is such a cutie. I cried into his shoulder and get just stroked my hair helping me calm down. I wanted to hold on and never let go. I was in his embrace for a while until Jai tapped Luke's other shoulder and said "Hey everybody gets their turn!" Which made me laugh. I let go of Luke and hugged Jai. Right when we were about to finish crying Beau joined us and so did Luke. It was a big group hug which we hadn't done in a while. 

When we all let go Beau sat on his bed and so did Jai and Luke on their beds. Luke broke the silence. "Hey why did you're twitter get suspended?" "I don't know I was really confused."

"Lets make you a new one then!" He said while opening his MacBook. "Ok what do you want your username to be?" 

My last one was Chrissi_Taylor but it probably won't let me do that. "Just make it ChrissiTaylor without an underscore."

"Alright and your email is" He said typing it in. "Come type in your password." I typed in my password I used for everything. "Ok done."

He clicked done and I officially had my twitter again. "Ugh how am I going to gain 5000 followers all over again that was so hard to do!" 

"Here lets all give her a shout out. Ill text Skip and James to do it too" Skip and James make youtube videos with the boys. They're called the Janoskians and are quite famous. I went onto the twitter app on my phone and logged into my new account. I instantly had 5 mentions.

@BrooksBeau: Go follow one of my best friends ever @ChrissiTaylor!

@JaiBrooks1: Go follow the most amazing girl ever @ChrissiTaylor

@danielsahyounie: Follow a good friend of mine please @ChrissiTaylor

@James_Yammouni: @ChrissiTaylor go follow her she is pretty awesome and a really great friend of mine

@luke_brooks: Go follow this gorgeous and amazing girl @ChrissiTaylor She's super nice and my bestie ;)

I Retweeted all of them and replied thanks to all of them exept Luke.

@ChrissiTaylor: @lukebrooks Thanks handsome ;)

Luke got off his bed and walked ofer to where I was sitting cross legged on the grounds and he sat down too. 

"You think I'm handsome?"

"Well yeah, what girl doesn't? You think I'm gorgeous?" He winked. 

I didn't realize that we had leaned in a little closer than necessary during the conversation. I looked into his gorgeous brown eyes and he did the same to me. We leaned in and just until I realized what was happening I pulled away.

"I'm just gunna go get some water." I said nervously and walked downstairs.

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