Friends or More

Millie is nothing but a 19 year old she turns 20 soon she is very nervous when her mum sets her one a blind date only it goes awkwardly as the guy she is on is called john and he is gay and her best friend she's dumped alone until a brown eyed dream comes and sweeps her up they get to know each other but could it be serious or just a game friends or more


1. The Mix Up


Millie P.O.V

"We'll I think it's a great idea!" Mum yelled back at me, she had set me up on a blind date, well it wasn't really a blind date cause I know the guy, I've known him since we were like 5 and we've always been best mates, but the main reason I don't wanna go on this stupid date is cause, Matt's gay. There I said it, I don't have anything against gays it's just I would rather go on a date with someone who might actually have a thing for me. The reason my mum is organizing a date for us is because his family is rich, and he hasn't come out yet, if you know what I mean.
"Mum he's my best friend I don't want to date him!" I yelled back staring into her dark, dead black eyes. She walked towards me, staring right back at me, her long hair falling over her shoulders as she stood inches away from me.
"You ARE going on this date and you WILL NOT ignore me!" She screamed, sending shives down my spine. "I hate her" I mumbled to myself walking into the hall and up the stairs to my room slamming the door shut behind me.
The clock read 7:30. "An hour to get ready." I thought to myself, walking into the bathroom across the hall from my room, locking the door and turning on the shower. After the water warmed up I got into the shower washing my long, light brown hair, and my body. I climbed out of the shower, grabbing a towel from the rack, and wrapping it around my cold, wet phone vibrated on the windowsill of the bathroom. 
'Hey, I'm sorry about tonight. I know you really don't wanna come love Matt xx' he's so cute and to be honest I didn't really mind.
'It's fine, I haven't seen you in a while, so it'll be good :) - Moo I missed Matt, but I had been so busy with work lately I hadn't had the time.
I quickly rushed across the hall to my room, slamming the door behind me. I walked over to my wardrobe taking out my black skinny jeans, my ugg boots and a lose hoodie, got change and walked down stairs.
"What on earth are you wearing?" Mum screeched "your going on a date not to a friends house. There's a dress on my bed for you wear that." She didn't allow me to speak. I walked back up stairs to find a white dress with roses at the bottom, laying on the end of mums bed.'great' I thought to myself, but I put on the dress it didn't look that bad on me, it's just I hate wearing dresses I feel like people are always staring at me. I walked down stairs a second time finding Matt stood with mum, at the Bottom of the stairs waiting for me.
"Wow, you look beautiful" Matt smiled, I felt kinda awkward to be honest.
"Thank you" I smile in return as he hands out his hand for me to take.
"Have fun tonight" I took his hand as mum opened the front door, almost throwing us out. I never went on dates, so I guess she was kinda happy I had one, but with a gay guy, how was I suppose to tell her, when his mum doesn't even know.
The car ride was mainly just me and Matt catching up, he was telling me about his new boyfriend, and how he wants to help him come out. And I was telling him how dad was back in prison and I lost my job because apparently I had a day off when I wasn't meant to, but really what had happened was I had called in sick and Jon didn't mark it down, cause he knew I would lose my job the idiot We got to the restaurant,it wasn't a big place and it wasn't too bizzy. 
"Shall we?" Matt said opening my door and give me a hand out.
"We shall." I giggle taking his hand, and climbing out of the car,
"Matt shelding" Matt said to the man, who then led us to our table. We order our drinks and Matt started to look worried.
"Matt are you ok?" 
"So you know the boy I told you about?" He was confusing me,
"Well I don't think you got my text, I told you to bring a guy because I'm going to go of with my boyfriend, and you can-" he was cut off by a cute waiter.
"Can I get you anything while your waiting?"he had brown hair and gorgeous deep brown eyes  eyes, and muscular but not to muscular, if you know what I mean, he was really good looking.
"No, we're fine thanks" Matt said bluntly, although the waiter didn't take his eyes off of me, and I didn't take my eyes off of him, how could I, when the waiter finally walked away, my attention drew back to Matt,
"Well basically, my boyfriends over there, and I promised I'd go with him tonight. Sorry" he kissed the top of my head and walked off. He had never been this rude before, Matt was always sweet and thinking of others, well that side of him's gone. I sat there for a moment taking in what had just happened and as I got up I bumped into someone, 
"Sorry" I gently speak
"Sorry that was my fault." The waiter from earlier spoke, I didn't realize it earlier but he had amazing brown eyes and might I say it made him even better if that is possible."Were you just leaving?" his face dropped,
"Yeah,my ugh date kinda left me." I turned to the ground feeling kinda stupid,
"Well I just finished my shift, if I pay will you be my date tonight?" He was pretty confident in asking me as if he knew I was going to say yes,
"I don't know I mean-" 
"Go on, it'll be fun, I'm Liam by the way, Liam Payne " he smiled siting where Matt had been sat just moments ago
"Millie Newton" I smiled before sitting down again "well millie might I say you look beautiful tonight" I smiled at him "your not to bad yourself" I giggled.  

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