Friends or More

Millie is nothing but a 19 year old she turns 20 soon she is very nervous when her mum sets her one a blind date only it goes awkwardly as the guy she is on is called john and he is gay and her best friend she's dumped alone until a brown eyed dream comes and sweeps her up they get to know each other but could it be serious or just a game friends or more


2. The Brown Eyed Dream

Millie's P.O.V 

I woke up my head pounding with a hangover after the dinner went and got drunk at Liam's friends place I was locked in his arms I put my head on his chest suddenly I realised I was naked "oh no oh no" I thought I didn't. I peeped under the over but he was naked to I twitched suddenly I felt a tight grip "Morning Gorgeous" he smirked "Liam we don't did we" I asked this was all confusing me "um what ?" He asked, I pointed down the covers "oh no" he said don't you remember you told me you were going to get undressed and told me I looked hot but I would look hotter with my shirt of so I took it off but I have my boxers on, I pecked him on the cheek "thank your for not taking advantage" I smiled he was a really nice guy he got up and throw me some skinny jeans and a stripy top which he had got from his mates sisters room I got up and tied my hair in the bathroom into a messy bun,it felt AKWARD in some one else's clothes I put some makeup on which was in my handbag,which I had soon found lying in the floor "morning you to I didn't here the bed creaking" the guy chuckled "shut up Louis" said Liam punching him in the arm "You must be the great Louis" I said tugging myself out of Liam's arms to shake his hand "I'm Millie" I said sitting down "el" shouted Louis "yeah" she said "can you make us some bacon and eggs" he puppy dog faced her "how can I say no" she said "I'll help" I said she pointed to a cupboard where the dishes and forks where I set the table,and fried the eggs "what's going on ?" asked a blonde Irish guy "breakfast" Louis said behind the irish guy was another guy he had a mirror in his hand and he was checking his hair "I am gonna go take a cigar" he winked at me Liam gripped onto me more tightly "it's okay" I whispered "so I guess you guys are official" said Louis I looked up at Liam, I was sat on his knee "I guess so" he said smiling to himself "I am Niall" said Niall giving me is hand "Millie" I smiled "I am Zayn" said the guy walking in from the back door "who are we waiting for?" I asked "Perrie and Harry" "speaking of the devil" said Zayn a curly boy walked in "hello" he said sitting next to me "sorry buddy I am already taken" I looked up at Liam "Perrie" Zayn said welcoming a pretty pink headed girl "oh newbee" she said "names Perrie" she smiled "Millie" I said,after breakfast Me and Liam left, he drove me home and as soon as we had parked I kissed him passonitly "I love you" I said holding his face to mine.

A/N thanks for reading. Millie :)

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