Friends or More

Millie is nothing but a 19 year old she turns 20 soon she is very nervous when her mum sets her one a blind date only it goes awkwardly as the guy she is on is called john and he is gay and her best friend she's dumped alone until a brown eyed dream comes and sweeps her up they get to know each other but could it be serious or just a game friends or more


4. Meet Lydia

Niall's P.O.V 


I stretched out and yawned was it really that late already ? After breakfast Liam and some girl he picked up last night called millie left to. She looked pretty cute but what can I say I wouldn't betray Liam. I grabbed my phone and checked my messages only one twitter update from X-factor and six miss calls nine text messages and they were all from Liam ! I rung him back immediately and he answered on the tenth ring something had to be up. 

Liam : hey Niall wanna come out to night ?

Niall : um .. Where are we going ?? 

Liam : I am taking millie to river side stream 

Niall : um wouldn't I be intruding your date ? 

Liam : Millie was the one that asked you to come 

Niall : she did ? 

Liam : are you coming or not 

Niall : all right whatever

I pulled my checkered shirt on and jeans I didn't really need to dress it wasn't a super great big deal just a date I walked out of the door grabbing my phone on the way out I was so tired and I really could have used some rest but you can't reject Liam he sounded really annoyed so I had to find out what was up I got into my Mazda and drove off like one of them people in my favourite movie Greece. When I got to Liam's 500 ft palace I jumped straight out and knocked Liam came to the door and managed a weak smile "what's up ?"I asked stuffing my hands in my pockets. "Um .. Millie asked you to come with me and she will text me soon to tell me what is going on" he smiled causally and I walked in he gave me knuckles okay everything seemed cool so I planned to keep it that way. 

Lydia's P.O.V 

I searched my wardrobe millie had told me to wear a dress a dress seriously I hated dresses but anything for Millie I guess .. "Nope to floaty" "nope to elegant" "nope to girly" "nope to sexy" "LYDIA" yelled my mum I ran down stairs "yeah ?" I asked "can you tell me what emmets saying ?" She asked my mum was my foster mum she has fostered me for twelve years now and loved me and my brother the only problem was my brother was deaf and my mum didn't even try to learn sign launge she just huffed and puffed and blew our houses down. I giggled as emmet signed "why doesn't the wolf learn sign language ?" We always addressed my mum as the wolf out of the three little pigs "what did he say ?" My mum asked stoping me and emmets imagine talk "um he asked whats for tea" emmet chuckled and left the room "it's casserole by the way tell him that" ever since dad left life hasn't being the same. I ran upstairs and signed to emmet what my mum had just said "what's the matter ?" He signed back "I don't have a stupid dress for a date" I signed adding a sad mime at the end he smiled and ran up to his room bringing down the most beautiful dress "thank you fairy god father" I smiled he laughed and walked away I just wanted to give him a huge hug it was beautiful it was strapless and yellow it had diamonds on the top and a puffy skirt bottom open. I brushed my hair and sorted it out then there was a loud knock I raced to the door and dived boomed over my mum "hey millie" I said causally answering the door "hey you coming ?" she asked grabbed my purse "I thought you said  suit would meet me up some where in la de Paris or what ever?" She shook her head "I decided to pick you up" she said grabbing me by the arm "bye mum" I said "bye Lydia" she said humming to the beat of the music. All of a sudden I was in Millie's red mini driving away. 

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