Bad Boy High

A small town where you know everyone and everyone knows you.
That's what Senior Brie Avis thought, but turns out, when she get's friendly with the high school bad boy, Luke Hall, that turns out false.


2. Chapter 1

Basic introduction of myself.

My name is Brie Avis, I’m 17 years old, in year 12 at Brooke High. Brooke is in NSW, Australia, and is a small town where you know everyone and everyone knows you. And Brooke High is the only high school here,

I’ve known everyone in my year since Kindergarten. We’ve never had a new kid, which is a shame, but it’s good, I guess.

Well I’m about 5”5’, I have dark brown hair which is naturally straight and ends ¾ down of my back, I have light brown eyes which aren’t anything special, my skin is fair which is strange because my mum and brother are quite tanned. My dad died when I was 13, my brother, Masson, is 23 years old and lives with his best friend, Billy, in an apartment on the other side of town. My mum’s name is Laurette and she is really short, compared to my 6”5’ brother, she’s only 5”2’. My brother has brown hair and brown eyes, and my mum has black hair (which is dyed from brown) and brown eyes.

Brown is common in my family.

My mum is strict on some basis. I have a curfew which is 11:30, and that is reasonable. She understands that if I get home between 11:30 and midnight. She says “I know you lose track of time but I don’t want you to race home and have an accident. Better you late than never come home.” She had a rule where I couldn’t date till I was 16 but that’s long gone now.

My mum and dad divorced shortly after I was ‘made’. Thanks dad. But he was always there for me

I’m not skinny yet not fat, but people classify me as being skinny, which my mum doesn’t agree to. She practically calls me fat every day. We do have a good relationship, sometimes.

I have 3 best friends which I’ve known since kindergarten.

Andy, Ariel and Gabby.

Andy is that girl that never gives up. She plays every sport, and succeeds; she’s really good at school, but hates maths. She has light brown hair and hazel eyes. She’s the mature one in our group, but she is the most funniest. She’s the only one in our group who has a boyfriend; Michael.

Ariel is that girl that is friends with ever body! She is an amazing soccer player! She’s smart but does have her blonde moments, almost all the time. Oh and she’s the oldest aswell. She has brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her main motivation to get her butt up out of bed to go to school is to socialize.

Gabby is that shy girl when you first meet her but crazy once you get to know her. She is an AMAZING singer and one day, I swear, she will be famous. She has brown hair and emerald eyes. She is incredibly smart but she’s not confident. She’s the youngest in our group. Gabby and I are the most closest in our group because we’ve been there for each other at the toughest of times.

You see, Gabby’s dad passed away 2 years after mine did so I stayed with her, at her house, for about a week and a half helping her.

So they are my best friends and I would do anything to be with them forever. I love them as sisters.

School starts back tomorrow and well, it’s our final year in high school. We are dreading it, but we are also cheerful that’s its out last year. Dreading it because we have the HSC (which is really hard…apparently) and we won’t be seeing each other 5/7 days of the week after we finish. Cheerful because we finish high school and we get to go to Hawaii for Schoolies.

Wish me luck.

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