I cant sleep

Dan Lewis imagine


1. Dan Imagine

It was 3am you were still trying to sleep. Turning around to your left you smiled at the sight of seeing Dan asleep next to you. Seeing him sleep always makes you skip a beat. His pink lips which were in a small pout were poking at you, you wanted to kiss them, lick them, suck them. You ran your fingers lightly through his lips. Laying on your stomach you kissed his lips and lightly bit them.

“babe what’s wrong” he said as he rubbed his eyes, still sleepy.

“I can’t sleep Dan I want you” you said kissing him again but this time more powerfully.

“well, if that’s what my baby wants, that’s what my baby gets”

He turned you on your backing kissing you passionately. His tongue was begging for entrance. You decided to tease him a bit by not allowing his tongue to enter.

“why do you do this?” you could see him smirk a bit

“because I love doing this to you” you winked at him.

“now this made me want you even more”

He pulled your shirt up exposing your bare breasts and rubbing them gently.

“mmm.. Dan” you moaned.

After throwing your underwear in the similar direction of your shirt you reached out to touch his bare chest. Running your hand down you reached the band of his Calvin Klein boxers peeling it down in one go. His member slapped his stomach. You took it in your  hand and traced it up and down while the other hand was squeezing his balls. Dam loved it when you do this. He threw his head back in pleasure and bit his lip. His length hitched the back of your throat. You moaned into his dick as to how huge he was which caused him to wince. “Stop babe, I want to cum when I’m inside you” You nodded and changed your position. Harry was lying on the bed and you were on top of him. You both moaned in unison  as he pushed inside you slowly. “Okay with this?” “Yeah” you could barely speak. He pushed all the way in and your threw your head back. His thumb reached out to the point where you both were connected gently rubbing your clit, making small circles. He definitely knew what you liked and when. Moans filled your bedroom.

“Feeling good babe?” you just nodded as you rode him. Harry hugging you and nuzzling his head into your neck sucking your sweet spot. “…..Uhh ……Da-an”  “How do you feel babe?”  “So……good” you struggled with your breathing.

“I think I’m close” you could feel his thrusts getting sloppier. You start to pant heavily.

He filled you up. You both lay in the same position for another couple of minutes trying to catch up with your breath. He pulled out of you making you feel empty down there.

“That was……….amazing” he paused in between to find the correct word to do justice to your sex act.

“Mid night sex, maybe we should do it more often” you said placing your head on his chest.

Dan pulled the covers before kissing on your forehead and wishing you good night.

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