Radioactive Chapter 4



1. Chapter 4

(Thalia's POV) 

English was over, Niall said he'd walk me to each class. 
He walked me right to the door for Art. Second period. 
I walked in walking to the teachers desk she smiled welcoming me I smiled. I started my search for a seat at the big desks which needed stools. 
"This seats free" I looked to my right a boy with kind chocolate brown eyes smiled at me he pulled out the stool I sat next to him noticing he was tattooed as well it looked like he attempted to cover them with his long sleeve white shirt slightly pushed up to the middle of his forearm. 
"Liam" he said offered me his hand that's when I saw it the beautiful 'The Bishops' tattoo on his hand and on is other. 
I took his hand 
"Thalia." I said 
"I see your eyeing my ink." He said 
"Yeah, I know Niall." I said 
"Niall?" He asked 
"Yeah blonde Irish likes ACDC." I said 
"All of The Bishops like ACDC." He said 
"Oh I can't believe you don't know him aren't you supposed to know everyone in your gang?" I asked 
"I wouldn't know I'm not in it anymore." He said I nodded 
"Oh" I said 
"So where are you from you seem so innocent" he said 
"Holmes Chapel in Cheshire." I said 
"Oh.. Cool I used to know someone who loved there." He said 
"Who?" I asked he looked around 
"That guy right there." He said pointing to a guy wearing all black with a mop of curly hair. 
"What's his name, I should talk to him." I said 
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Liam says 
"Why not?" I asked 
"I hear lots of stuff about him, saying he's a man whore he'd eat an innocent girl like you for breakfast." He said 
"Not in that way." He said quickly after that put the thought into my mind I thought sex talk was awkward because I hate to admit it but I'm a virgin.
"I get it" I said with a smile he smiled back 
"He doesn't seem so bad" I said as I looked at all I could see which was his back and a little bit of the side of his face. 
I watched as his hand move quickly from side to side on the page he was drawing on. 
"What are we doing?" I asked Liam smirked and pointed to the board 
"Draw your hobbie. Your not expected to do anything since its your first day." He said I nodded 
"Ok I guess I'll watch you." I said I watched at Liam drew a music note and an easel I'm guessing he liked music and art was his hobbie. 

After class Niall was at the doorway I wanted to introduce Liam to Niall but I lost him in the crowd Niall stood by the doorway when I got close to him he pulled me close to him and stood infront of me trying to hide me? Then I watched the guy Liam was talking about walk out his note book held at the side of his thigh. I looked down at the hand holding it. 
"The Bishops" there was the couldn't be missed ink. 
"Sorry you gotta be careful around that guy ok?" He said I nodded Niall led me threw the crowd 
"What's our class?" I asked knowing it was 3rd period.
"Gym." He said I nodded Niall walked me In and brought me to the teacher a man that looked like he would yell 
"Drop and give me 20!" If you talked in his glass
"Mr. Fisher this is Thalia, she's new." Niall said Mr. Fisher looked at me he stuck out his hand 
"Hi sweetheart you can call me David, welcome to Eastwood's gym class. There's uniforms in my office, find one your size and get changed and join us, Niall will you show her the office?" David asked Niall nodded he put his hand on my lower back guiding me out which gave me goosebumps. Just outside the Gym was a small office Niall showed me a basket with folded clean uniform sets it had a white rectangle on the back 
"That's to write your name on, last name in particular." He said I nodded I put the red, black and white jersey material tank top over my arm grabbing a pair of small black short shorts with 'Eastwood' written across the bum 
"Don't forget shoes" he said 
"Of this school is so ghetto how can you afford all this?" I asked Niall walked over and looked on the shelves he skimmed and pulled out a uniform 
"There's a sharpie right there. Is because David is rich. He buys all the gym stuff the rest of the school is shit but the gym isn't." Niall said he took off his shirt revealing some tattoos scattered around he pulled the jersey over his head I guess the boy uniforms look more like jerseys then the girls. 
Ours had thin straps about as big as two fingers and was kinda bag near the bottom. I shyly turned around and took my shirt off Niall chuckled at me 
"Relax Thalia I've seen boobs before." He said I smiled but felt a pinch of jealously that Niall saw someone else's boobs. Not mine. I pulled the tank top over my head.  He un buckled his jeans pulling them down putting on the black basketball shorts. He pulled on gym sneakers and put his normal clothes on his shelf I pulled down my jeans glad I wore a thong today I wouldn't want a underwear line. I kicked my jeans off and pulled the shorts on tying them I grabbed a pair of black shoes that were my size I laced them up. 
"Your forgot your last name." He says 
"Oh shit" I said I pulled the shirt over my head I walked over to the desk and wrote with the thick marker 'Morrison' 
"Nice bra." Niall says I was glad I wire my black lace one today it seemed black was Niall's favorite color. 
"Thanks" I said I pulled the shirt over my head once more 
"Why would you leave it off?" He asked smirking
"Keep it in your pants Niall" I teased him I walked out tugging his wrist. 


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