Kiss And Tell ( Harry Styles Fan Fic )

Angel Just started Junior High And everything change because of the school Bad boy Harry Styles.


1. Bad Boy Walking

Name: Angle
Nick Name: Ann
Last Name: Vega
Age: 17
Talent: Fashion
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown

Today is the day of my first day of Junior High. I'm standing in the parking lot starring up that 5 stories building. Next thing I know the bell rings. Shit! I'm going to be late! 
I Finally made it to the class room and then stood my obviously pissed teacher Miss Robertson. 
Miss R: Miss........
Me: Angle nick name Ann 
Miss R: Miss Angel your 5 minutes late. Next time it's detention miss Angle!
Me: Yes mam" I said as half of the class giggled at me. 

10 Min later

I look up as I saw a curly hair male walked into the class room.
Miss R: Mr Styles Your 15 minutes late!
Harry: Like I care!
Miss R: Excuse me!?
Harry: Your Excused.
Miss R: Mr Styles Another word out of you and it's a detention!
Harry: Yes mam
Miss R: Sit next to.............
Please don say me please don't say me......
Miss R: miss Angle
As he made his way up I quickly looked back down at my work and act like I didn't see anything.
Harry: Hey there Love" He said softly as I felt my cheek flushed.
Me: Hey
Harry: Can I call you Ann, Babe?
Me: Don't call me babe.
Harry:  Why not?
Me: Because Your not my boyfriend.
Harry: You have a Boyfriend?" Why is he asking so much question and I know he won't stop until I answer everything.
Harry: We'll see about that" Holly shit! What dose he mean by that. Then I felt my cheeks flushing again.

115 min later

Harry: What class do you have next?" Oh my god why won't he stop asking me qustions. To be honest he's kind of cute. Omg what am I saying! But he's still cute. I wake up from my day dream and yelling in my head Just answer the damn question!
Me: Ummm...... Math with Mr. Taylor
Harry: Same!
Miss R: Mr Styles Keep your voice down. Other students are trying to work!
Then the bell rings.
Harry: See ya in 20 minutes. 
Me: Bye" I said as I watched him walk down the hall way.

Britney: Hey!
Me: Shit Brit you scared me!
Kate: Hey!
Me: Ahhhh! What is it with you guys popping out of nowhere!
I said as we busted into a laugh.
Kate: So any cute guys you saw today?" Oh no! not this question and Kate and me and Brit known each other for along time so they would know if I was lying.
Me: Well there is a guy in English class"
Brit: Then Spill! 
Me: Harry Styles" I whispered
Brit: No!
Kate: No!
Me: What?! Why?!
Kate: He is like the school bad boy!
Brit: And All of his relationship last like for 3 months.  
Kate: And I heard he had sex in a closet Georges Party last year" She whispered. 
Then Out of nowhere I saw Harry Kissing Victoria next to the locker. 
Kate: There you go. That's why you should stay away from that guy.
Brit: He haven't even been for a day and he is already eating a girls face off. 
BTW Victoria is like the school slut. She even had sex with 3 different guys in one day. 
Brit: Vict is such a slut. 
Kate: I know right.
I Felt a Hard lump in my throat.
Brit: Are you okay?" I didn't reply
Kate: You should find someone better.

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