Its Not A Dream, Its my Future

Caroline Sage has been having the same nightmare for a week now. Every night her and her brother Edward, would deal with the same situation. Sceaming coming from Carie's room.
Carie's nightmare :
"Don't you love me? If you really do lover me, then let me do it. Come on. Let me rip out your beating heart"
the slim figure with dark black hair was a companion of mine every night for the past week. I hate sleeping. it always brings me to him, the man who whant to kill me.
Will Carie find a way to change her future? Or will she actually fall in love with the dobble-faced man that's trying to kill her? (FYI: Its my first fan-fic go easy on me)


1. Nightmare

"Mom? Where are you?" i called out to my mother. I could hear her voice, but it wasnt traceable. I was in a strange house i have never seen before. "Mom! Come on mom we have to go" She never replied. Never stopped singing. throughout the house her voice echoed, as if not my mother but the walls, the house itself was singing to me,

   "Deep in the medow, under the willow,

a bed of grass, a soft green pillow.

Lay down your head, and close your eyes

And when they open the sun will rise...."

Something lead me to the basement of the house. As if an invisible rope was tied around my waist and was pulling me to it. Then everything went white. nothing was heard or seen. Not my mother, not her hypnotic song, nothing. then it all startes . I'm tied up to a wooden pole in the basement of the house knees bound together. Every thing was red. Not red paint but more like dirtied with blood.

*pum pum pum pum pum*

No, this cant be happening. not again.

"Its nice to see you again Carie" the demonic yet strangely atractive voice startled me. "I love you Carie" his face was always in the shadows. what was only visible was his lips. i could never be able to move. i was always scared. But every night is the same.

He puts his hand on my waist, and with the other lifts up my chin. "Carie.... dont you love me? if you do love me let me do it. Let me rip out your beating heart."

He kisses me with passion and love. then pierces through my chest to grab hold of my heart. "i love you Caroline Sage" then rips it out.



"Carie! Wake up! come on baby it ok." i pick up my screaming sister from her bed to confort her. " he did it again Edward. why dose this happen to me." I hate it when she dose this. i feel so bad for her. She calls for a dead woman. Known as mom, i don't want to tell her but its just too hard. 

" there, there Carie its OK  . its over." " i miss mom, Edward.... and dad" "i-i miss them too kiddo. Come on, go to sleep you start school tomorrow" she looks upset. and begins to cry again." how about i sleep with you tonight? hmm? and ill make a great breakfast before you wake up for school hm?" she starts to giggle. this kid knows how to trick me. Just like mom. " OK! HA HA. Goodnight big bro. i love you" she kisses my cheek before we both get under the covers of her bed. "I love you to Carie"


so like that was my ch. 1 hope you like it its my first so dont be a meaner

um ill update every day. so like yea.... biiii

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