Its Not A Dream, Its my Future

Caroline Sage has been having the same nightmare for a week now. Every night her and her brother Edward, would deal with the same situation. Sceaming coming from Carie's room.
Carie's nightmare :
"Don't you love me? If you really do lover me, then let me do it. Come on. Let me rip out your beating heart"
the slim figure with dark black hair was a companion of mine every night for the past week. I hate sleeping. it always brings me to him, the man who whant to kill me.
Will Carie find a way to change her future? Or will she actually fall in love with the dobble-faced man that's trying to kill her? (FYI: Its my first fan-fic go easy on me)


3. Hospital

                                 I cant really remember annything from what happend yesterday.

         When i try to remember, i get the strangers face. the one from my dream. Im laying in a hospital bed alone with a couple of flowers here and there."...yea she also expirenced head traumma. but nothing seriouse....." i heard an unfamiliar voice rite outside my room. i was guessing it was a doctor or nurse. They dont come in after a while ,so i decided to wach some t.v . as i got up i felt a sevire pain in my chest, the heart monitor stared going crazy.* beepbeepbeepbeepebeepbeepbeepbeepbeep* as soon as that happend at least 4 or 5 doctors came rushing in with 2 other nurses. " YOU MUSINT MOVE. YOUR SITUATION WILL ONLY GET WORSE." as soon as he said that i realaxed and the monitor slowed down" geez you dont have to raise your voice.. what happend to me?" as soo as i said that everybody in the room looked annywere els besides at me. at that moment Zayn walked in " Carie! your awake! thank god.... you nearly gave me a heart attake how-" the doctor put up his hand to stop him from talking." Carie, im Doctor Reed ill be observing your progress . you have been uncountious  aproximatly 13 days 17 hours and 45 minuets. it is the 24 of Febuary . So far do you have anny questions?"  Dr.Reed was at least 24 or 25,  tall ,brown curly hair, and nerd glasses. "yea what happend to me. do i have something? Is there a cure? Where is my brother." the doctors all bit there lips except Zayn and Dr.Reed the Dr. stepped up " we- we dont know what your condition is but its good so far. you are free to go today, and as for your brother he just left yesterday. he hasn't slept for 5 days and hasn't eaten for 6 days. so we sent him home with a nurse to keep him well." Suddently all my thoughts went to my brother. i hope he is ok." Well thats that. i perscribed some medicine for you to keep you from passing out again the directions are on in the bag that Zayn here already picked up. So your free to go your boyfriend can take you home." before i could protest that zayn was definitly not my boyfriend all the doctors had lefft the room. "uh yea i lied to them so i could see you every day. sorry "  "um yeah just dont do that at school" he did a little giggle that made hime cute...."ok so ill let you change. if you need help ill be right outside the door." " ok thanx" he left...i slowly got up and i realized there were no more needles going in me. the nurses must of taken thm off while i wasnt looking. oh well..

i sat at the edge of my hospital bed thinking hard about what happend. why did i black out? i got up and headded to the table where a pile of clothes were. my black vans were at the top with my Kingdom Hearts shirt and red jeans. i quikly got dressed and headed ito the restroom. wow i look like crap. looking in the mirror i see that i had dark circles around my eyes and nappy hair "eww" i said to myself as i tried running my hand through my hair. " is something wrong?" Zayn's voice had startled me " um yea  i mean look at my hair! and these dark circles! dont look at me." i put my hands in frunt o my face , in between my fingers i saw him have a seriouse look on his face. " Your beautiful to me." i slowly put my hands down. I could see that he looked exausted as well. "stop bing nice to me just because i just gt out out of a coma. serii-" " lets get going ... you must be hungry . lets get something to eat." "uh o-ok"


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