Stay with Me

*FINISHED* A story about Nell, a 19-year-old girl from Australia moving to London for university. Nell becomes friends with a girl named Katie who happens to be the brother of One Directions Niall Horan. Taking an unexpected turn Nell becomes so wrapped up in Niall's romance that she fails exams and is forced back to Australia... What happens to Niall and Nell?


10. What Happened?

Nell's POV

I woke up in the morning to a horrible pain in my head. I looked around and saw Niall lying naked in my bed! WHAT THE HELLL HAPPENED?  I got up quickly noticing that I was naked as well.At least we were  in my room. I rushed up and grabbed some clothes. I went into the bathroom and quickly got changed.  I then sat down on the toilet wondering, Did me and Niall have sex last night? I was nervous to find out the answer.


When I walked out of the bathroom Niall was awake and sitting on the end of my bed. He looked up and we had a very awkward "Morning After" conversation.

"Hi" Niall half whispered 

"Hello" I whispered back 

I went to continue but Niall interrupted me.

"Look about last night, I don't just hook up with girls at every club I go to. Actually I hardly ever hook up with anyone. I think I like you more than a friend and I hope that what happened last night doesn't change our friendship. I know we just met but I really enjoy having you around and I think your the most beautiful girl in the world."

I was shocked! I didn't expect that from him. I don't know what I was thinking but I lent in and kissed him. I kissed NIALL. It felt different than to what I feel when I kiss John. It was tingly and something that I have never experienced. Not even when I had my first kiss. 


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