A Murder Unwritten

Nikki Flores was a girl with a not so great life. She lived with her best friend Niall Horan in London. Niall only sees her happy side not knowing that she is bullied not only by her whole school but by his four best friends. her life only gets worse when she is kidnapped by a deranged serial killer. She ends up saving lives and becoming a hero only to have that same killer hunting her down to get revenge for exposing him. Some people get hurt and others realize their true feelings. Join Nikki in this epic tale of love and danger.


3. Kidnapped


I had left school and was walking home when a black van drove up beside me. A tall man stepped out I couldn't see his face but he was wearing a white suit. Suddenly everything went dark I saw nothing but this man walking towards me. I quickly turned and started running as fast as I could I didn't know where I was going but I didn't care. I ran and ran through the sea of darkness, every couple of minutes I would look behind me at this scary man who was hot on my heels. I had started to slow down after running at least a mile on full sprint, but this man was running as fast as ever not breaking a single sweat. I had slowed down to a light jog and turned around, he was gone. I had stopped to look and just then I felt two strong arms wrap around me I broke out screaming.

End of Dream

I woke up screaming and crying I heard thumps and muffled curses as my door flew open. All of a sudden I was engulfed in a big hug I looked up to see a very worried and scared Niall. "Nicki are you okay I heard screaming whats wrong" Niall's voice said as he panicked over seeing me like this. "I'm fine it was just a nightmare that's all" I said reassuring him "what was it abou- oh my gosh it was about last night you must be traumatized after seeing that" he said as he pulled me into another rib-crushing hug. " No no I'm fine really, well now that I'm awake I should get ready for school" I said but as I got up he pushed me back down " I think you should stay home today and sleep" he said as he pulled the covers over me. "Why?" I questioned at him " you obviously didn't get any sleep because of that dream and I just want you to stay here and replenish your mind from seeing such a sight" he said trying to convince me. Well I guess it would be okay just for today and I won't have to deal with the boys bullying today so why not. "Okay I'll stay here" I said and his face lit up with a smile. He was always so nice to me caring about my safety and what not I loved him so much, I mean like a brother of course or at least I think that's how I feel. Okay maybe I like him just a little bit but I would never tell him that. He left the room and I snuggled up in the blankets a couple minutes later he brought me a cup of tea to help calm my nerves. It was eight O' clock and Niall had left for his college classes, I was all alone. I hate being alone especially when I'm scared that a murder that i killing people. I got up and walked downstairs with a blanket wrapped around my waist and a teddy bear in my arms to protect me. I quickly scanned around the house making sure all the doors and windows were locked. After completing that task I walked to the kitchen to make some breakfast for myself. I love cooking but sadly I can only make scrambled eggs but on the bright side they taste amazing because I add some secret ingredients to the recipe. The secret is sugar for the sweetness and celery salt I don't really know why but it makes it taste amazing. Once I was done cooking I grabbed the plate of eggs and took it upstairs with me it was tough trying to carry the plate, my blanket and the teddy bear. But somehow I managed and entered my bedroom. I switched on the telly to the investigation discovery channel. It has all my favorite shows from detectives to murderers. I was really getting into this one show when I heard a crash from downstairs. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed the house phone and dialed 911 as I came across a figure downstairs breaking into my house. The operator picked up and said,

 Phone Conversation

Operator-911 what is your emergency

Me- Yes somebody broke into my house

Operator-Okay sweetheart whats your address so we can sent somebody

Me-Its 5009 Rosecrest st Bloomingdale (random address)

Operator- Okay the police are on their way can you go somewhere safe until they arrive

Me-Yes I can I just have to get back to my room without making a soun-

End of Phone Conversation

The line had been cut suddenly I feel two hands grab me just like in my dream. I'm frozen I can't move I'm too scared, I can feel his hot breath on my neck sending shivers down my spine. He leans into my ear and whispers "Hello darling from now on your going to experience hell and your most likely going to die" his harsh words are like knives to my stomach making me want to hurl. I suddenly feel myself being lifted off the ground and over his shoulder. I snap back into reality and realize that I have to fight. I started banging my clenched fists onto his back while screaming and totally cussing him out. He seems unaffected by my efforts to free myself and continues walking to his car. Once he reaches it he throws me in the back seat and duct tapes my hands, feet, and mouth. He comes closer and says " now you be a good girl and go to sleep" he yells and he strikes my head with something hard and everything goes black.


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