The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


28. Voice Mail



          I pulled the covers back over my head in attempt to block out the sun. Justin's arms were wrapped around me securely,  making me feel safe inside his muscular arms. He snored lightly as he was knocked out. I couldn't help but wonder about him, what if the police find out that he killed Aaron?, what if Justin goes to prison? I don't know what I'd do if Justin went to prison, I'd probably die. I just got him back and I'll be damned if he leaves me. This is why I hate being up alone I'm always thinking of the the worst.

Justin's breathing changed into an irregular pattern which meant he was waking up. His eyes fluttered open revealing those stunning carmel eyes of his. He smiled pulling me closer to him, if that was even possible. We sat cuddled up, watching the reruns of Degrassi.


"Justin?" I called interrupting the silence. "What if they find out?"

"Find out what?" He asked bewildered.

"What if the police find out it was  you who killed Aaron?"

"Then.. I'll be in prison" he said chuckling slightly. I thought this was no time to be joking, what if they actually do find out? Noticing my solemn expression. He took my hand in his.

"Nothing is going to happen. I promise" he assured me. "And I always keep my promises"

I smiled rolling over to where my back was facing him. I sure hope he was right about this.





"Shianna. Get here now!" My dad screamed through the phone.


"Ok Dad. I'll be there in five minutes" I said annoyed by his yelling,  I have absolutely no clue why he's even yelling at me.


"And bring that boy with you" he hissed, clearly talking about Justin.  Before I got to get another word out the line was disconnected.


"My dad wants us to come over" I told Justin.


"Why?" He groaned. I shrugged, not knowing the answer myself. A large sigh emitted from his mouth. I walked over to the door, where my house shoes were. I slipped them on my cold feet before walking out the door hand in hand with Justin.

I'm guessing he noticed my shivering since he offered me his jacket three times.

I finally gave in and my arms were being covered by his jacket. I glanced over at Justin, who was now shirtless, in the cold Los Angeles breeze.

I tried giving him his jacket back but he wouldn't take it. I sighed putting on the jacket once again as we walked hand in hand all the way to my house.






"Hey" I said opening the screen door to my home.


"What is this?" My father asked gesturing to his outdated flip phone. Not even giving me a proper greeting. This reminded me of yesterday and how I interrogated Justin. My father didn't even notice my hair

"Um. Your phone"

"Of course it's my cellular device, but you need to hear what's on it" he insisted. He flipped it open, pushing a couple buttons, then handed it over to me.

"One unread message" the lady on the voice mail spoke "first unread message"


*Voice mail*

 "Justin? What if they find out?"

"Find out what? "

"What if the police find out  it was you who killed Aaron."

"Then.. I'll be in prison"

"Nothing is going to happen I promise. And I always keep my promises"



 Me and Justin exchanged nervous glances. While me and Justin were talking earlier, I must've butt dialed my father.


"Care to explain, Mr. Murderer?" He asked, causing the attention to shift to Justin. He sat thinking of an excuse while I was praying he wouldn't say anything stupid.

























A/N: Drama Bomb. What do you think Justin will say? I meant to update Sunday but I had cheerleading competition, and after the competition I was going to update but I was pissed off, We had got a three point deduction because they said our pyramid was ilegal -_- and without the deduction we would've been in first place instead of fifth. You most likely won't understand  and half the shit I just said unless your a cheerleader. but anyway opinions on this chapter?

Did you like this weeks song Rollercoaster? I think it's perf.

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