The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


3. The Search


                    [Shianna's POV]

         I slowly opened my eyes and stared at the cable box. The time read 12:34. Well it looks like I'm not going to school today. I grabbed my phone and placed it in my hand before putting a bowl of oat meal in the microwave. I scrolled down my Instagram and twitter feed until the microwave started beeping signaling that my oatmeal was finished. I grabbed the hot bowl out of the microwave before sitting down and eating it. I texted Cleo explaining why I wasn't at school. I grabbed the peach bowl that I eating from, off of the table and placed it into the sink for it to be washed. I walked upstairs and plopped down on my bed before falling fast asleep.

~2 hours later~

 I tossed and turned in my small twin sized bed in attempt to get comfortable. After realizing that I wasn't going to go back to sleep I just opened my eyes. I examined the time on the cable box, it was now 2:28. I started thinking about last night and how I promised myself I would find  Justin. I pulled the zebra comforter off of my body walked over to my desk with my computer on it. I started it up by pressing the power button and it came on. I clicked the Internet browser and it brought me to google chrome. I typed in Facebook and it soon brought me to the Facebook homepage. I signed in and it took me straight to my feed. I went to the search bar and typed in Justin Bieber. I scrolled down all the results there was about 40 but none of them were the Justin I was looking for. Time to start search number 2. I dragged my mouse to the google search bar in the corner of the screen and clicked on it before typing in twitter. I clicked the first link. It guided me to my twitter feed since I was already logged in. I then went to the search bar and typed in Justin Bieber once again. It began to load, I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers, hoping that I could find him. I slowly opened my eyes and the screen read ‘No Results Found’ I sighed in frustration and started search number 3, the last Internet search. I clicked on the search bar once again and entered the word Instagram before click the search button. I clicked the first link and it took me to my feed since I was already logged in. I went to search bar and typed in Justin Bieber for the third time today and clicked the search button., and just like  the last search I did there was no results. I groaned loudly in anger and frustration before looking at the bottom corner of my computer screen for the time it was now 3:04. I pushed the power button for the computer to shut off before plopping down on my bed. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand beside me and unlocked it before dialing Cleo's number.

Cleo: Hey boo 
Me: Wanna hang?
Cleo: Yeah I'll call everybody and tell them
Me: Where are we meeting?
Cleo: Your place 
Me: bye 

I hung up the phone and got dressed in a white shirt with pink letters that say Hollister on it with jeans shorts and some pink flip flops before brushing my teeth and putting my hair in a high bun. 


That was the doorbell it's probably them. I went downstairs and opened the door with a smile only to see a very angry Chase. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and he grabbed me by my hair.

"Why the fuck weren't you at school?" He asked

"Please stop Chase!" I begged 

"Answer me, bitch" he hissed

"I woke up late" I said almost crying from the pain. He let go of my hair and stepped away from me.

"Are you sure you weren't fucking around with some boy" he asked becoming a little more calm

"I'm positive, go check if you want" 

He walked upstairs to my room and I followed behind him. He checked my closet, my bed, behind my door, and in my drawers for any clues that I was cheating on him. After he was done searching my room for any clues he came up to me and hugged me and mumbled "I'm Sorry" I nodded and continued hugging him. 

"Where are the others?" I asked pulling out of the hug.

"Oh they're on there way" he said. I nodded and walked over to the couch and he followed. I turned on the TV and we silently watched SpongeBob for five minutes.

"Chase?" I said breaking the silence

"Yes, baby?" 

"Do you know anyone named Justin Bieber?" I asked. I then immediately regretted that decision. His jaw clenched and he turned to face me.

"Why is that who you were fucking with today?" He yelled standing up

"No I was just wondering" I said quietly in fear that he would hit me again. He opened his mouth but the door bell interrupted him


I walked over to the door and opened it smiling. I stepped aside so they could come in. We all sat down on the couch and talked about numerous different topics. I didn't hear any of it though because I was zoned out thinking about Justin, and other ways I could find him. I then took out my phone and googled his name. There was a link to I clicked on it and there was a picture of Justin and they said he was on the loose and he wanted for selling weed and killing over 15 people but it said nothing about were he lived or his current location.

Now something was telling me that I should stay away from him but I couldn't I promised myself that I would find him.

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