The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


27. The Feeling






 I gave the door a shove, making it jolt open. I closed the door stepping inside. He marched down  the stairs clearly alarmed. He lowered the gun, giving me a clearer view of his shirtless body. I sat staring at his muscular arms that I just wanted to run into, my eyes wandered to his abs, his perfectly toned abs, that made my knees turn into jelly. Those abs that make my mouth water.


"What the fuck do you want?" He spat, not even bothering to look up, causing me to rip my eyes off of his body. My mouth opened but then shut, I was caught off guard by his anger. 


"What the fuck do you want?" He repeated. 


"Well, that's not something you should say to your girlfriend" I stated. It was true, I still was his girlfriend, since technically we never broke up. This caught his attention, he dropped the gun and his mouth parted slightly,  but nothing came out. He didn't even recognize me. 

"Shianna?" He questioned, not believing it was me.


"What it this?" I asked changing the subject,  gesturing towards the jean jacket. 


"It's my jean jacket, duh" he said sarcastically 


"Why was it at the crime scene investigation?" I hissed, rolling my eyes at his sarcasm. 


"Oh, because I was there earlier"


"Were you involved in the shooting?" I interrogated, sounding like an overprotective mother.


"Yep." He said popping the p, as my hand slapped his soft cheek, making it turn red. He sighed,  rubbing his cheek as he began to tell the story.


"I was walking down the street, when TESA-"


"Is TESA an acronym for the east side assassins?"


"Yeah. But don't interrupt me" he warned.


"Okay" I sad putting my hands up in surrender. Then he continued explaining the story in great detail.




      I was walking down the long, vacant street to get away from Za, Ryan, Twist, Chaz, and Fredo, since they were all mad at me for cheating on Shianna.

Why did I even cheat on Shianna? I didn't even recall the answer myself. I know I was drunk but I still could've stopped.  Was it because Kira was prettier than Shianna? No that couldn't have been the reason since Shianna was beautiful just the way she was, no one could top her.  I sat on the curb as an all black range rover, that was similar to mine pulled up.The door opened revealing Marco,  Munro,  Eli, and Aaron,  the boys of TESA. We've been rivals from the beginning. I stood up from the sitting position I was previously in.

We sat staring at each other until Marco, unexpectedly a gun out of no where and fired the bullet at me luckily, I dodged the bullet. I was still in shock.

What was that for?

Thinking quickly,  I grasped the shotgun from my boxers, where I always kept it, just in case. Bullets were being shot everywhere. then another bullet that nearly hit me but missed only by a few inches. 

I was beyond raged, I pulled the trigger of the shotgun, leaving Aaron laying sprawled out, dead.






"Why did they start shooting at you?" I asked wanting to know more. 

"I don't know." He answered "I honestly don't want to talk about it anymore"

I sighed knowing I shouldn't question him anymore. 

"So what is this? " he asked gesturing towards my body. "You've changed"


"What do you mean?" I asked bewildered. 


"This" He said playing with my hair. "It's blonde now." He then pointed to my outfit "you would never wear this" I looked down at the fuzzy light tan carpet. I didn't want to admit that I changed my appearance to get him to like me more. 

"Combat boots? You hate combat boots" He stated pointing to my brand spanking new all black combat boots. He was right I did hate combat boots but, of course I don't want to tell him that.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" I lied

"Leggings? You've never worn leggings before" he gestured towards the leggings that were coveeing my legs. He walked in a circle around me to check out the rest of my outfit. "I'm not complaining about the leggings though, they give me a good view of that ass" he smirked


"You're such a pervert" I roared


"But you're my girlfriend" 


"Pshht. Says who?"


"Says you" he smirked making me remember that I did say I was his girlfriend. I rolled me eyes in defeat.


"Anyway" he continued "why caused this sudden change?" He interrogated


"I have no clue what your talking about"


"You might be a blonde now, but you're not dumb" he remarked.


"Not all blondes are dumb, some of the most intelligent people are blonde." I stated trying to change the subject. I really didn't want to admit that I changed for him, it would make me look so desperate. Which I can't deny, I am desperate for Justin. But that would be so embarrassing. How would he even respond to that?


"Stop changing the subject" he instructed, "What caused the change? "


"Fine" I sighed giving in "I changed because I thought you didn't like me anymore. I thought you cheated on me because you were bored with me" I explained letting a few tears escape my eyes, I was ashamed of myself for not meeting Justin's standards.


"Shianna" he said lifting my chin to look at him. "You're perfect just the way you are." 



"I love you Justin" I gushed wiping my tears,  laying my head on his bare chest as his arms wrapped around me.  This is the feeling I craved,  the feeling I longed for. I missed being engulfed in his muscular arms.



"I love you Shianna" . 



He planted his soft lips on mine making chills go down my spine.
 oh how I missed this feeling. 



























A/N: So.. What do you think about this chapter? OMG. PYD tho. That song is perf.. But so, #Jianna is back together. Well technically they never actually broke up but,  you know what I mean. OOOh, Next Chapter is gonna be epic! I have the whole story planned out. BTW.. I did not know Aaron Carpenter was a real person. I just liked the name. lol.

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