The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


26. Revenge

*A Week Later*




My curly blonde hair,  that I was just getting used to, blew in the wind as I walked along the street. I grasped my phone from my  jacket pocket, staring at the lock screen. It was a photo of me and Justin. Life has been so different without Justin. Half of me wants to forgive him and run back into his arms,  the other half wants to do the complete opposite. I sighed, continuing to walk down the street, I had no clue where exactly I was going,I was just walking. I passed by the ally where almost all of the drug dealers hung out.

'Hey baby' the boy called. I've never seen him before. He was kinda cute, but so far I didn't like his personality. I ignored his remark and continued walking forward, I had expected him to have left me alone but, to my surprise he followed me. He gave my body a shove making my phone fall out of my pocket and me stumble. I bent over reaching for my now shattered phone. The boys that had accompanied him took this as an opportunity. A pair of hands were placed on my butt as he gave each cheek a pinch. My mouth parted slightly in shock.

'you got a fat ass' he exclaimed , still fondling  my rear.  I turned on my heels to face him. A gigantic smirk was plastered on his face. I kneed him in the one place where no man wants to be kneed. He bent over screaming in agony as he gripped  his junk, I took this as an opportunity to punch him in the nose. Puddles of red blood dripped from his nose. I turned so I was facing the other direction and continued walking. I was shocked and surprised with my actions. Normally, I wouldn't have done such a thing, I would've just let him take advantage of me. I felt like a whole new person.

I was filled with confidence.

I smirked as I was starting to like  the new me.




  I continued walking down the dark street usually filled with pedestrians and prostitutes in the evenings, but the street was vacant.  Where was everyone?  As I passed the same ally way, I heard various screams and cries. I entered the ally way, following the sound of the commotion, which lead me to a herd of people. I wiggled through the crowd to see what the big ruckus was about. Yellow police  tape had stopped me from going any further. Everyone around me was either crying ,screaming or showing sad emotion.

'Excuse me' I said slightly tapping her shoulder. 'Do you know what happened?' she shook her head from left to right, signalling her answer was no. I attempted to scoot up closer but the body of the police officer stopped me.

'Please scoot back' the officer instructed. I nodded, following his instructions by scooting back.

'What happened?' I asked curiously

 'There was a gang shooting not to long ago.' he answered. 'All whole lot of more shootings are gonna start up again.' 

'Why is that?' I asked.

'You see him?' He asked pointing to the dead body. 'That is Aaron Carpenter' He turned back around to face me. 'He is part of the East side Assassins. The East side Assassins will not stop until they kill whoever killed Aaron.'Sorta like revenge. I nodded.

 I looked around the scene. As I examining the area beyond the yellow tape,  I spotted a jean jacket. The one that looked exactly like Justin's.


 Was that Justin's jacket? 

Was he the involved in this shooting? 

The thought of Justin killing people made me feel some type of way. I waited until the officer walked away before sneaking under the tape. The officers were engaged in a conversation so they couldn't really see me, and the people standing around the tape were paying no attention to me. I gripped the jean jacket in my left hand. The body lay right beside me,I examined it thoroughly.It barely even looked like a person,the sight was revolting. I creeped to the other side of the police tape, without anyone noticing. I can't believe I just stole key evidence from a crime scene. My heart was racing, rebelling gave me such a rush. I'm feel like a whole new person.



I slowly backed away from the crowd as I sprinted to Justin's house, desperate to find some answers.




























































A/N: Hey.. soo. I'm writing a new chapter right now. Sorry I haven't updated lately, I was debating on if I should post this chapter or a another version of this chapter. But opinions?  What do you think about Shianna's change in behavior? 

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