The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


21. Over Dramatic




The sound of annoying ass crickets had awoken me.

I sat up on the park bench that I had slept on.

It looked as if it were around 4:00, it was pitch black, it was a cold fall night.

As I stood , my head began to pound, which was mostly because of the alcohol that I had drunk.  





After a long walk filled with stumbles, I arrived at my house.

The porch light flickered causing my head to pound vigorously

The house was covered in toilet paper. Someone had teepeed our house, it was most likely me since I can hardly remember anything.

All the lights were off except for mine.  

I reached for the door knob, but stopped hesitantly.

I backed away slowly  knowing it was best if I didn't enter






I rang the doorbell and patiently waited for a response.

Soon, a shirtless, tired, Justin appeared at my door.



 "What are you doing here?" He asked caressing my shoulder, his voice filled with care.             And with that I exploded into tears, maybe I'm just over reacting, but  I just wanted to talk to him. Noticing my tears, he engulfed me in a hug. whispering soothing things into my ear. He took my hand, intertwining our fingers, guiding me into the house, passing Za and Ryan on our way upstairs.



   Justin tucked me in bed as I explained the parts of the story that I remembered,



"Baby you should let me love you"

he sang quietly making me forget about the world asI only focused on his angelic voice until I drifted to sleep


















A/N: Ok so this chapter is short but the next one will be longer. I'm currently writing thee next chapter.. It should be up by either tonight or tomorrow. I might not update on Sunday though since I have a cheer competition.

But opinions on this Chapter?

I think she was being a bit dramatic though!






































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