The Criminal's Journal

"Hey Kid. You forgot this!"
She yelled waving the notebook vigorously in the air.
She was too late, he had already left the bus.
Shianna shrugged, not really caring about the forgotten journal
But little did she know, that journal would change her life


36. Busted

1 week later


Since Za and Twist's death occured no one has been acting the same. Justin and I have stopped talking. Ryan, Chaz, and Fredo have stopped there silly ways.


We all sat closely together like molecules in a solid. Justin took a right turn, which lead us to my house. We were leaving earlier since the members of The East Coast Assasin's are after us. I jumped out the car with Justin following closely behind. The other stayed in the car as lookouts for my dad, just in case he decided to come home from work early. Justin knocked down the door. 


"System 1: Front door open" the speaker blasted through the house.

The alarm started triggering off, sending loud beeping noises around the house. It's only a matter of time before my dad get the notification and comes home. I hurried up the stairs. grabbing random items from the drawers. 


"Shianna" justin called "I think you need to see this" 

I grabbed the purple duffle bag. And hurried down the staircase. This was the first time he talked to me since he blamed me for the death of Za and Twist.

I honestly don't know were we stand, is he mad at me? Is he just stressed? He simply pointed at the TV. I looked up at it, the news reporter was explaining something. 


"We were just informed that 19 year old, Shianna Morgan was kidnapped. We have been told the kidnapper was her boyfriend, who has not been identified just yet." She announced "we'll keep you updated" and with that the news reporter disappeared and there was a commercial break. I guess Justin and I were too focused on the television to notice my dad coming inside.

We were busted.


"I suggest you get the heck out of my house" my dad threatened. 


"Come at me old man" Justin hissed. I sighed. Why hadn't the boys stalled him?


"I'm calling the cops" my father picked up the phone dialing the numbers 9-1-1. He explained the situation to the cops. At first I thought he was just bluffing, but that thought disappeared from my mind once I heard the police sirens.

I grabbed Justin's hand dragging him to the car. I jumped in the vehicle and Justin ran over to the passenger side. We heard the sirens approaching. Justin changed the gear shift to reverse and back out of the driveway. 








A/N: Opinions on this chapter? I updated twice today :) I have nothing to do. I've been sitting around reading JC Caylen fan fics. lol. The struggle of having no social life. So I just noticed I got a little over 200 favorable. I would like to just thank y'all.  It really makes me happy.

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