99 days without you (*Completed*)

*This is not my story this amazing person on wattpad made this story. Her name is Edward Sheeran. I thought I would put it up here for all of you to read*

Louis loses Harry. Louis feels as if he can't go on, but tries to stay strong for the boys, and Harry. Knowing that Harry is actually gone, he slips into depression. But, 99 days after Harry's death, Louis knows it's time to join Harry in the heavens.
- Warning: Do not read if you're uncomfortable with self harming, suicide, etc.


43. Day Seventy-One

I'm om the train back to London now, and let me just say that I'm nervous. More nervous than I ever have been. More nervous than I was before our first performance, where you whispered encouraging words into my ear before we went on up to stage. You smiled at me reassuringly before the song started, and after that I felt as if I were soaring.


It's sad to think that I'll never be able to perform with you again, or snuggle up close with you in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, or come to you when I just need a hug. I'm scared to return to the flat.


What if they've changed it?




I'm home now, sitting in your room actually. It's left exactly the way it was. I am so relieved right now I can't explain it.


I'm just glad I won't have to sleep without a bit of you here with me.

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