99 days without you (*Completed*)

*This is not my story this amazing person on wattpad made this story. Her name is Edward Sheeran. I thought I would put it up here for all of you to read*

Louis loses Harry. Louis feels as if he can't go on, but tries to stay strong for the boys, and Harry. Knowing that Harry is actually gone, he slips into depression. But, 99 days after Harry's death, Louis knows it's time to join Harry in the heavens.
- Warning: Do not read if you're uncomfortable with self harming, suicide, etc.


14. Day Seventeen-Twenty

I'm sorry I forgot to write an entry the past few days. To be honest, I haven't even left my bed. I'm just so TIRED. I guess you would understand, since you're asleep for an eternity now. Was that rude to say? I don't know. I don't know what happens after you pass, but some have said it's just a world of black you're surrounded in. God, I sure hope you're not sitting in blackness Harry, you deserve to sing with the angles.


I bet you'd sound pretty good harmonizing with them, I've always thought you had a voice like the angles. Maybe you could be my guardian angle and sing me to sleep sometime, okay?


Anyways, back to the previous days. As I said, I've just been so tired. I haven't left my bed. All I have to accompany me is my laptop, which I don't mind. There are tons to do online. But I try my best to aviod any social networking sites. I'm just not ready to face the real world quite yet.


Niall has stopped by quite a bit. I think he's the most worried about me out of everyone. I used to be the one who always smiled, and always brightened everyone else's day. Now that I'm no longer that person, Niall tries to be there. He tries to make me smile, and I appreciate the effort.


I just don't know if I'll ever be able to smile again.


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