99 days without you (*Completed*)

*This is not my story this amazing person on wattpad made this story. Her name is Edward Sheeran. I thought I would put it up here for all of you to read*

Louis loses Harry. Louis feels as if he can't go on, but tries to stay strong for the boys, and Harry. Knowing that Harry is actually gone, he slips into depression. But, 99 days after Harry's death, Louis knows it's time to join Harry in the heavens.
- Warning: Do not read if you're uncomfortable with self harming, suicide, etc.


12. Day Fifteen

And now here I am, present day. Today, I feel... empty. But I guess that's just what comes with losing the person you love, right? Sarah read over my journal last night--- did I forget to tell you my therapists name is Sarah? Oh well, it is.


She seemed disappointed in me, but I couldn't find myself to care. She told me to stop writing these entries but I told her that it was actually helping me. In a way it is. I feel as if you're here with me, reading everything I jot down on this page.


Right then, back to today. I didn't do much to be quite honest. Niall came over, and we watched a couple movies to try and return back to the old days. Liam called me just to check up. Still no word from Zayn though, and I'm starting to worry our friendship will never patch up.

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