You Hired Her? ➳ H.S.

"Want go see mama Lux?" she squealed with happiness I giggled and picked her up walking through all the people getting ready for the concert till I found Harry's dressing where Lou was preparing him for the show. I stopped outside the door when I heard Lou raising her voice "Harry you need to tell Klover!" Harry gave a huge sigh "You dont think I know that I just can't tell her yet I dont want to lose her!" Lou huffed "Well you should have thought about before now you better tell her after the concert!" she said lowering her voice I slowly opened the door Lou and Harry's eyes connecting with mine. "Tell me what?" I said with a whisper.
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13. It's a baby girl

 *Previously on You Hired Her?*

 I woke up to the sound of the door bell as it repeadtly wouldnt stop going off. I got up answering the door to see Niall making out with same random girl on the door. Tears were pouring from my eyes. 

"Niall!" I screamed. Niall's eyes widened as he seen me.

"Klover it's not what it looks like!" Before I could stop myself My hand connected with his face. 

 I rushed up the stairs slamming my bedroom door with tears still coming out. I picked up my phone dialing the number.

"Hello?" They said.

"You can you please pick me up?" I asked. I heard Niall slamming on the door.

"What's wrong?" They asked.

"Please can you just pick me up!" I asked.

"I'll be there soon!" They said hanging up the phone.

I waited awhile till there car pulled up. I open my window and climbed out going down the fire ladder. I walked to there car not even trying to hide my tears. They watched me closely as I got it not making eye contact.


Klover's P.O.V.

"What happened?" Harry asked as he started the car down the road.

"I don't want to talk about it." I say through tears.

I looked down to my phone non stop buzzing of calls and texts from Niall. My heart had been broken again just like Harry did when we got back from tour. I pulled at my hair starring out the window ignoring my phone. 

"Darcy's father just won't stop calling you... Man he must of really messed up." He chuckled. I looked at him glaring. He threw his arms up in surrender.

"You're such an ass." I say.

"As I remember you used to love this ass!" He said winking at me. But only if he knew I still did very much. 

At that second I felt nausea in the pit of my stomach. Something didn't feel right at all. I tried to calm myself using some breathing technics. No matter what it still didn't work.

"Harry please pull over I'm going to get sick!" I say clenching my eyes shut trying to keep myself in tact.

He pulled over to the side of the road I hurriedly jumped out breathing in the fresh air. I waited and waited for my vomit to come out of my mouth but it never came. Suddenly I felt a bunch of wet stuff between my legs. Seconds later I felt a sharp pain. Oh my this is not happening right now.

"HARRY HARRY!" I screamed.

"Whats wrong?" He asked with worry dripping in his every word.

"I think my water just broke!" I cried out in pain and another wave pain washed over me.

"That's impossible you're only 7 months!" He said. I grabbed his shirt steading myself.

"It's possible now take me to the fucking hospital!" He hurriedly rushed me inside the car and speeding as fast he could to the nearest hospital.

In no time I was in my own room doing the breathing methods just like the nurses said. Harry stood by my side wiping away my sweat on forehead with a cold rag. I felt his lips press against my four head and it felt like a wave of relief wash over me. He held on to my hand as I cried out in pain as I received another contraction. 

"Harry please hand me my phone!" I said through breaths. He did as I said handing it to me.

Niall's text had just end less then 2 minutes ago. I texted him the baby was coming. I waited and waited through my contractions for a text back but nothing. It even said he had read the text. I was dumb founded. I handed my phone to Harry and focused on whats happening now. about a hour later I watched as the doctor came through the door.

"It's time!" The doctor said.  

Within the next hours I pushed my all and did as I was told. Harry sat there holding my hand giving me reassuring smiles. Before I knew it I heard the cries of my sweet baby Darcy. I watched as they cleaned her off and handed her to Harry. I smiled as tears rushed down my eyes as I watched the way Harry looked her I knew exactly what his eyes were saying. They were saying he loved her because that's the way he used to look at me. I felt my eyes get heavy and breathing shorten. 


"Were losing her!" The doctor shouted.

Thats the last thing I remember before everything turned black.

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