You Hired Her? ➳ H.S.

"Want go see mama Lux?" she squealed with happiness I giggled and picked her up walking through all the people getting ready for the concert till I found Harry's dressing where Lou was preparing him for the show. I stopped outside the door when I heard Lou raising her voice "Harry you need to tell Klover!" Harry gave a huge sigh "You dont think I know that I just can't tell her yet I dont want to lose her!" Lou huffed "Well you should have thought about before now you better tell her after the concert!" she said lowering her voice I slowly opened the door Lou and Harry's eyes connecting with mine. "Tell me what?" I said with a whisper.
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


1. Going away.

Klover’s p.o.v.

It was noon on a Saturday and I had a babysitting interview in an hour so I jumped up and ran upstairs to do my hair and get dressed. . I walked outside to my car and jumped in taking off to my interview I arrived after a 10 minute car ride. I knocked on the door and was greeted by an almost white hair lady with an adorable blonde baby in her hands. “Hello I’m Lou and this is little Lux!” lux giggled

“Aw she’s adorable and I’m Klover by the way!” I said tickling Lux’s cheeks as she giggled. “Come in so we can get started with this interview!” Lou said with a smile I walked in and sat on the couch as Lou brought me a cup of tea “Oh thank you so much!”

“Alright, have you worked with children before?” “Yes, my mother owns a daycare!” Lou smiled “Great! Are you CPR certified? And how old are you?” “Yes I am certified and I’m 19!” Lou squealed “Your perfect for the job finally the searching is over but one last thing I’m a stylist for the band One Direction and they will be going on tour in the states and I want you to come with and watch Lux! Would you be ok with that?” I squealed “I would be more then okay with that! When do we leave?” Lux’s sat there and giggled at us by are squealing “We leave tomorrow if that’s okay?” she said in a slight whisper I was a little stunned that we leave tomorrow. “Well I guess I’ll to get home and start packing!” Lou’s smile grew wider “Oh my so you’ll take the job?”

I smiled “Well of course!” I said my goodbyes to Lou and Lux headed back to my flat I was thrilled to be going on tour with her and One Direction. I packed everything I needed and laid down on my bed and lets my eyelids slide shut.

The next day still Klover’s p.o.v.

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and over joyed about going on tour. I hurriedly took a shower and got dressed. . I grabbed my suitcase and started heading towards Lou’s house I was greeted by Lux’s giggling face running into my arms I picked her up swinging her around sending her into a fits of laughter.

“Hey Klover, come inside I want to introduce you to some people!” Lou shouted from the front door I smiled and put Lux on my hip and walked in side to be greeted by five stunning smiles. I greeted them with a smile back before Lou spoke up “Klover this is Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry!” she said pointing at each boy with their name “Boys this Klover! Lux’s new babysitter she’ll be going on tour with us!” all of the boys smiled saying hello. 

Lux started squiggling in arms so I set on the ground and she ran right for Harry who picked her up and tickling her while she screamed with laughter. I smiled at how cute they were together “Okay guys it’s time to start heading to the airport!” Liam shouted to everybody I grab Lux and my suitcase and walk out to the big van I sat my suitcase in the trunk and buckled Lux in her car seat. I took a seat in the back next to the window while everyone loaded their stuff up Niall took a seat next to me and Harry next to him.

When everyone got settled we took off to the airport Niall and I made conversation the whole way we were uncontrollably laughing at jokes we made and I learned lots about him! I noticed glares from Harry here and there it was pretty weird. We arrived at the airport  and went through security we finally got on the plane I took my seat again closet to the window I felt the seat next to me sink in so I looked over to meet Harry’s emerald green eyes “Hello Klover!” he smiled

“Hello Harry!” I giggled we made small talk to each other before my eyes become really heavy so I leaned my head on Harry’s shoulder and was about to fall asleep when I heard Harry whisper “You’re so beautiful!” and gently kisses my hair.

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