Taking a wrong turn

Hiii There This is my first fan-fic so don't send any hate! This story is about a girl and lol I am not gonna say you gotta read for yourself c; I hope you love it! <3


1. Wrong Turn.

Amanda's P.O.V


Today was the day I would be meeting One direction. It was a dream come true! I loved them since they were on the X-Factor. Louis was my favorite. He was so funny! Ugh.. I fan girl to much! I started to get ready. I put on some black skinny jeans and a "I love carrots!" Tank top. The door bell started to ring. "I will there, Ugh geez calm the fuck down!" I started to yell. I went downstairs to awnser the door. "AMANDA" My best friend Sydney yelled. Sydney was a "Directioner" like me I guess. She got the tickets for us. "I can't wait to see One direction backstage!" Sydney started to yell and she wouldn't stop jumping all over the place. I went back upstairs to my bathroom and finsh doing my Make-up. "Amanda!, Hurry up we are gonna be late!" Sydney yelled from downstairs. I finshed up and went downstairs and grabbed my keys. "Come on Sydney, Turn the t.v off." I said to Sydney.


We started to drive to the concert. One thing starts playing on the radio. Of course Sydney turned it up. I didn't know where I was going. I think I toke a wrong turn somewhere. Suddenly there was a knock on my window. I rolled down my window, I frooze. It was.... Louis! Why would he be knocking on my car window.. I had so many question to ask. Then suddenly all the boys came by the window. Of course Sydney was still singing to One thing and didn't even relize a thing. I turned the radio down and Sydney looked at me. She frooze. "Sydney, Don't scream..." I whispered to her. "Sorry love, but I was wondering If you could drive us to our show, Umm we kinda toke the wrong turn." Niall asked me while looking at Sydney. I could tell the Niall liked Sydney. Love at first site. "Sure, I kinda took a wrong turn too" I said to Niall as the boys sat down in the back seat.


The boys were really quite. I didn't know why. I broke the slience "So, ummm Vas Happenin'?" Zayn looks up from his phone "Hey, That's my thing!" Zayn said with a bit of sass in it. "Well, I am a Directioner and All directioner say that," I said proudly. "Wait so you guys are going to the show tonight?" Niall said smiling at Sydney. "Yeah, We got backstage passes!," Sydney said happily. Sydney couldn't stop texting me. I didn't even wanted to check my phone in till we got there. Probably asking all these question about the boys. "You can take a right at the next stop light, love," Louis says looking at his phone. He must be tweeting because my phone is beeping left and right. It wouldn't stop.


We got there and the boys said bye and us and told us that they can't wait to see us later. Me and Sydney went to our seats. Then the boys came out. "So this girl, She was all like Vas Happenin', She stole it from me," Zayn said laughing at the fact that he was complaining about me. Great. I am gonna get hate for this. I started to looked down at my shoes. I shouldn't be said. I could become famous. I started to smile. Louis started walking to us.


Louis's P.O.V

I couldn't stop thinking about the girl in the car. I didn't know her name. But I could tell she liked carrots. Well of course Lou! She was wearing a tank top that said it. That really made me happy. Zayn started to complain about the girl saying Vas Happenin' in the car. I started to laugh. I looked in the front row for the girl and her friend. I looked at her. I could tell she was a Louis Girl. I love that fact. "Hey, Sorry for asking, But what are your guys names," I asked the two girls. "My name is Amanda and her name is Sydney," Amanda yelled. "As you already know my name is Louis," I yelled back. I started to smile. I started to think about Eleanor. I just broke up with her. She was cheating on me. I couldn't believe that she did. I broke down for a couple of weeks. In till today. I think I had feelings for Amanda.

Niall's P.O.V

That girl in the car. She was beautiful. Her hair was curly. She was so pretty. She could be the one. She could be my princess I have been waiting for a long time. The first thing to do was figure out her name.


Hiii Sorry if this is really bad.

This is my first Fan-Fic I have ever written


You can ask me any question if you want too!!


Next chapter might be next week or in a couple of days.

I just upload when i wanna! Byeee!

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