2032:The Lost Chapters

Sequel to 2032 this story will be told by the character Mark.The difference between this story is that it will be from different views of other characters. there will also be a chapter in which it is told by a braindeads pointo of veiw.


2. Search

Penny says,"I will go with you." Jeff then says quickly,"Me too!" Jane then says,"I will go too." We then head out searching.We didnt find anything all day until a sudden screaming was heard. I run as fast as I can to where the screaming was. I find M being trapped in by 5 walkers. I then take out my machete and my revolver. I then run up and chop the head off the braindead in the middle. i then take the head of one of the others and put its head to the tip of my revolver and blew its brains out. I then jab my machete into anothers torso, I then kick it into another walker jabbing the other half of the machete into it. I then slide it out and i decapitate the last one. She then screams,"Your alive!" as she runs up to me. The rest of the gang comes up to me and M. I then find a scratch down M's back. I then jab the shot into her back. She screams,'What the hell?" "M this is the cure, i have found it." She then smiles. We then head back to the factory. a few moments later Jeff says," Wee have to get out of here. we need to get off this country,all it is, is infected we need to leave.maybe there is hope outside of here." "We dont have to leave Jeff, i have the cure." "Dont you get it, there is way too many to cure, we will get over ran." Jeff says. I then look around. i then say,"If we are gonna leave,we are gonna need a boat." Jeff then says,"Then we will find a boat."

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