Emily Johnson is 21 and is the new/upcoming model. She is gorgeous and has no flaws even though she is still insecure. The main reason is because of 4 horrid years of her life... High School. what happens when she gets a highschool reunion letter, will she decided to go? Maybe to see some old faces and not even realize that someone famous went to the same highschool as her?


4. Tonight



Chapter 2


   I run outside and jump into Tyler's arms, "It was amazing, i never been so happy before in my life, i finally feel like i belong, i cant wait for tonight!"

   "You can tell me all about it over lunch, lets go" he grabbed my hand and we walked 3 blocks to this cute little Thai Restaurant. Tyler request a booth towards the back since apparently i was some big time supermodel now and i need some privacy. I just rolled my eyes at his foolishness and sat down. I was scanning through my menu when i heard a girl screech. I glance up and saw a really attractive guy taking a picture with a teenage girl. What was so special about him? When he turned around i noticed those curls sticking out of his beanie and those green eyes. It was Harry Styles, the biggest jerk in my high school...

   I ducked my head behind my menu. When he walked by I turned my head the other way putting my sunglasses back on. Harry sat in the booth right behind me which is in perfect hearing range. "What's wrong Emily?" Tyler asked.

   "Oh nothing?" i said shaky, "I guess i'm just nervous for tonight"

   "But you were just jumping up and down with excitement and anticipation?" 

   "I know and i can't wait but i guess it just hit me that i will finally be a in the big leagues!" I squealed

   "Yes you are girl, you better embrace it! Was dress rehearsals fun? Did you meet anyone there?" Tyler has been trying to get me hooked up with someone for a while now.

   "Dress rehearsals were great and the girls were actually pretty nice" i smirked knowing i didn't fully answer his question

   "God just tell me,did you meet any guys?" i started to blush thinking about Caleb, "Oh my god! Is Emily Johnson blushing!" he said a little loudly and i felt my booth jerk, ignoring it i just giggled. "Who is he? What's his name? Give me all the deets!" He said in his usual sassy tone, this is why i love him.

   "Well his nam-" I got interrupted by someone was standing over us. I didn't even need to glance to know it was Harry. I just kept my head low praising god i had my hat and glasses on.

   "Did you just say Emily Johnson?" Harry questioned

   "Yes, and who would you be?" Tyler snapped back

   "umm i'm Harry, Harry Styles" I'm sat frozen, looking straight at Tyler hoping harry would just leave, "Are you Emily Johnson?"

   "Yes, What is it to ya?" I said in my best american accent, Tyler shot me a confused look. My American accent threw off Harry, I aced it!

   "Oh sorry, its just that this girl i use to go to High school with has the same name" Harry replied nervously. Wait what the fuck! why does he remember my name?

   "What's so special about her?" I asked still in my american accent

   "Well... I-I use to have a huge crush on her in High School but never told her" He replied shyly. oh my fucking gd! he had a fuckin crush on me in fucking high school! I was about to start hyperventilating. One of the jocks that i use to tutor in high school just said he had a crush on me!!

   "Why didn't you tell her?" I asked in a curious and calm tone, even though i was freaking out inside! 

   "Actually, I was scared to get rejected and-" he was stopped by someone clearing their throat

   "Harry, they want to take our order" I girl said in a real bitchy tone

   "Okay ill be right there" harry snapped back at her, "Well it was nice meeting you two" 

   "you too" Tyler said and shook his hand. I finally looked at him. Holy shit puberty has done him well, he is one sexy mother fucker.

   "Bye Harry" I said and was about to shake his hand when he took mine and kissed it. 

   "Bye Emily" and with that he was away.


    I sat through the whole lunch calm and collected keeping it all inside but as soon as lunch was over, I walked outside and screamed into my hand. Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my fucking god, I am for sure hyperventilating, i might even have a stroke out here on the sidewalk. This is too much for my heart too handle. Sorry for my language, I cuss a lot with i freak out. but Harry fucking Styles from my fucking High School fucking liked me the whole fucking time. And he just kissed my fucking hand and is even more fucking sexy then he was before.

   "What the hell happened in there?" Tyler asked

   "Tyler i went to high school with him"

   "What?!? Oh my god that's why you were acting so weird!"

   "Yes but the point is he had a crush on me!"

   "Oh my god this gets even better!! Weren't you like really ugly and dorky!? You must have been doing something right for him to like you like that"

   "I know that's why I'm freaking out! I have no idea why he would've liked me i thought i was a nobody"

   "wait why did you not what him to know it was you, by the way great american accent. It was very believable"

   "I don't know, i guess i was just scared or something?"

   "You should've told him who you were! He could have seen the new you and fell in love with you and you two could have lived happy ever after"

   I rolled my eyes, "I doesn't really work that way"

   "Well now your totally going to that High School reunion" He stated and walked off ahead of me. Oh god seeing everyone again, i'm not looking forward to it. But it would be fun to show everyone how much i have changed and seeing all of their faces would be priceless. But for right now i have to focus on my show and my future in this career.

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