Do you remember ?

Here's just a one direction fanfiction I have thought of in my head, enjoy! xx

Niall and Natasha were the best of friends but he left for the X factor and left his old life behind. When Natasha comes into his life again will he remember her? Or will he forget all the memories and emotions.


2. Can it be?

I walk over to the boys. They all look up at me, and all jaws drop in amazment. "Hi boys!" I say, and Liam goes as red as a beet! It's adorable, but I only have eyes for Niall. "How are all of you?" I ask, smiling. 
"Good, you?" Harry said with a huge smile spread across his face. 
"I'm good!" I replied. 
Niall had a very confused look on his face. "Do I know you from somewhere?" He asked me while eyeing me up and down. 
"I don't think so" I lied.

Niall has a weird look on his face, but I ignore it. "You're really pretty?" Louis says, breaking the awkward silence. This time, it is my turn to blush, seeing as all the boys join him in agreement. I giggle, and Niall laughs at how shy I look. Zayn nudges him, and Niall looks over to him. The exchange a look, both of their eyes gleaming. Suddenly, my supervisor calls me over, and I know it is my time to leave. I say goodbye to them, they're eyes pleading for me not to leave. "I will catch up on guys later!" I say. All of them smile. I leave, both my mind and heart very happy.

Harry's p.o.v

I walked over to the couch and sat down as all the guys joined me.
"I don't think ill mind having her around all the time" Louis said laughing. 
We all laughed and I looked over at Niall, 
He had his hands in his head and looked really concentrated staring at the wall. 
"What's up mate?" I asked him.

He snapped out of it and looked over to me. 
"Oh I don't know man, I swear I know her from somewhere!"

"dont worry about it man!" i said trying to comfot him " we will figure it out" I smiled 

"Thanks man" Niall said then going straight to his phone 


*** 2 hours later***

"What are you still doing on that thing?" I asked as i sat beside niall and looked at the screen of his phone. He seemed to be scrolling through a bunch of old pictures. 


"IT CAN'T BE!" Niall exclaimed.

 "WHAT CANT BE?" I asked.

I looked down at Nialls phone again and there was a picture of niall as a young boy with a girl next to him.

"Whats the big deal?" I asked him. 

"Do you think that's the new inturn Natasha" he said as his eyes slowly trailed off his phone and met mine. 

"Im not quite sure" I said looking at the picture once again. 

"Man, I had the biggest crush on her but we drifted apart and we both changed..." He said dis pointedly. "but it can't be, even if it is i bet she doesn't remember me anyway"

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