Bromance? GIRLMANCE!

(Girl x Girl)
I've know her for my whole life, I've talked to her about everything there is to talk about, why I'm I starting to like her? When Ariana finds her self starting to like her best friend Evangeline, who happens to be a girl just like her, what will she do? She can ignore her feelings, she can stay with her two year old boyfriend! But something starts to change in her, the thing is she doesn't know why. When it seems like Evangeline might like her back, her crush Jace gets in the way of everything. Who will Evangeline choose? Her best friend as a lover, or her four year old crush?


24. Chapter 24. 1D Big News

Evangeline and I were speechless, we could not believe what we were reading, and after reading it like ten times it all seems like a dream. Evangeline and I hadn't said anything to each other, I guess she was as shocked as I was. "Ariana, are you reading this?" asked Evangeline, her voice was a little shaky but full of excitement and happiness.

"Yes I'm reading it, how can I miss it!?" I asked her, Evangeline stayed quiet and was still looking at the computer screen, her mouth fell open and her eyes were huge with excitement. I looked at the computer screen and started to read the article again, I still can't believe I'm reading this. I know that Evangeline sees it, but it still feels like a total dream.

"The boys want to meet us, One Direction want to meet us," said Evangeline in a whisper, I shushed her,

"Don't say that loud, there's probably people here who still don't know about this, the people who know about this will probably try and kiss up so we can take them, but let's promise each other right now that we won't let that happen," I said to her, Evangeline nodded as she understood what I was telling her. She looked up at me with wide eyes,

"That's why Ariel and Mina were trying to kiss up to us, they knew about this," said Evangeline, that made a lot of sense,

"Well, were done with them, they were never true friends to us anyways," I said, Evangeline nodded.

"When do you think their gonna call to let us meet the boys?" asked Evangeline, I shook my head,

"I don't know, but I really hope it's soon," I said, Evangeline smiled and nodded.

It was after school, this whole school day Evangeline and I were hanging out like normal, like nothing happened. But once in a while we would get those looks, like people were wondering if we were going out, or if we were just friends, or there was some people who also said that Evangeline and I were drunk on the day of the concert, but of course that wasn't true. Since my Dad was a complete alcoholic, I swore to myself that I would never touch a drop of that. I'm okay with people saying that Evangeline and I were together, because I do like her, and I wish that was true, but it's not. The only thing that really does bother me, is that people thought we were drunk that night, I don't want people to think that I drink like my Dad, it's just probably the worst thing that people could say about me.

I was walking to my car when I heard foot steps behind me, it was more like running. I turned around and saw Evangeline running to me, I looked at her confused. "Hey, Ariana," said Evangeline, I smiled at her,

"Yes?" I asked her, she looked down at the ground, she started to blink a lot, one of the signs that she was feeling nervous.

"Wanna do something?" she finally said, why was she nervous about asking me that?

"Sure, what do you want to do?" I asked her,

"Well, we can go to eat at Chili's," said Evangeline, I loved Chili's, best food ever. I nodded at her,

"Yes! You know I love Chili's!" I said to her.

Evangeline and I were sitting down at our table, we already ordered our food and we were just waiting for the people to bring them. For some reason Evangeline and I always ordered the same thing when we came to Chili's, this time we got the strawberry lemonade, and chicken quesadillas. Evangeline wasn't saying much to me, I didn't really understand why. Since we found out this morning the boys want to meet us, I thought she would be jumping up with joy, talking to me about what she would tell them, what she would wear. But instead she's just looking outside the window, as if there was something really interesting outside, more interesting than us getting to meet One Direction. My phone beeped, I probably got a text message. I got my phone out and looked at the message, but I noticed that it wasn't a text it was an e-mail. "Is it Ian?" asked Evangeline, I shook my head,

"No,it's an e-mail," I said. I opened the e-mail and started to read it, my mouth fell open. I read that e-mail like twenty times before Evangeline broke me out of my trans,

"What does the e-mail say? You have been starring at your phone for like the past ten minutes," said Evangeline. I looked up at her, and instead of telling her what the e-mail said, I just smiled at her like a complete fool. I took a deep breath and I could feel my lungs get the air they needed,

"The boys want to meet us tomorrow, in the morning, since they have a show later on tomorrow they can't be here for long," I said, Evangeline's mouth fell open, but I could see it in her eyes that she was filled with excitement,

"Tell them were gonna be there," said Evangeline.

I quickly typed a message back saying that we can make it, and I quickly got an e-mail back saying that we have to be at the place where the concert took place at nine in the morning, and no later, since they were on a tight schedule. "We get to meet them tomorrow, at nine in the morning, and no later, since their on a tight schedule," I said, Evangeline smiled and clapped her hands as fast as she could. Our food got to our table and we both started to eat, Evangeline was still not saying much, but this time I could tell that she was thinking.

"I don't know what I'm going to wear," said Evangeline, I thought about it and realized I wasn't sure what I was going to wear either.

"How about we go to the mall after were done eating?" I asked her, she smiled wide and nodded.

After finishing our food Evangeline and I went to the mall, I drove us there. Evangeline and I spent about two or three hours looking for clothes, we wanted the clothes that we were going to wear to be pretty and cute, just like any other girl in the world want their clothes to be. I ended up getting more clothes than I was planing on getting, but at  least I got the outfit I was going to be wearing for when I meet the boys. I was going to be wearing black jeans, a red shirt that flows, and new boots that are red, white, and black, I loved those boots. Evangeline was going to be wearing blue jeans, a black shirt that fit tight on her small body, and black boots.

Evangeline and I left the mall and I drove her home, on our way to her house she was laughing and talking more than she was before, it was nice hearing her voice. We got to her house and I let her get out of the car, "I'll see you tomorrow," said Evangeline, I smiled and she did the same, that was an awkward moment for us. I watched as she was heading to her home, she opened the door and went inside. I was about to start driving again, but it felt like I was frozen, like I couldn't move. I really missed Evangeline's home being my home as well, I really miss having her as a best friend, and not having these feelings for her, I really wish that things would just go back to the way they were. Before my Dad became an alcoholic, before Evangeline and I kissed, before Ian cheated on me, before I had to move out of my own home and Evangeline's, it feels like the only place I havn't been kicked out of was my own car. In school people are making fun, Ian's house is just temporary, Evangeline kicked me out of her house, and I can't go back to my own house, I really miss my old life and not this new one, I just want things to be like they use to be. That's all I ask for.

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