Bromance? GIRLMANCE!

(Girl x Girl)
I've know her for my whole life, I've talked to her about everything there is to talk about, why I'm I starting to like her? When Ariana finds her self starting to like her best friend Evangeline, who happens to be a girl just like her, what will she do? She can ignore her feelings, she can stay with her two year old boyfriend! But something starts to change in her, the thing is she doesn't know why. When it seems like Evangeline might like her back, her crush Jace gets in the way of everything. Who will Evangeline choose? Her best friend as a lover, or her four year old crush?


17. Chapter 17. Filming Day Two

The next morning Evangeline and I had nothing planned, so we were probably going to take this moment to finish our music video, I was actually really excited to finish this. I woke up alone in Evangeline's room, she was probably down stairs already. I walked down the stairs and she was sitting down on the couch watching TV, she seemed to be really into it. "What's on TV?" I asked her sitting down next to her. I looked at the TV and saw One Direction doing an interview,

"Why didn't you wake me up!?" I asked her,

"Sorry, but look at Niall, he is working those jeans," she said laughing a bit, I laughed too,

"No, look at Zayn, he always looks so perfect," I said almost melting in the seat.

We both turned out attention back to the TV, they all looked so perfect. "So guys, have you heard about those two girls with those amazing voices?" asked the interviewer, she seemed to be really into the guys, trying to show off her breast and trying to hike up her skirt.

"If your talking about Evangeline and Ariana then yes we have, those girls have amazing voices, we hope to see them next on a CD cover," said Louis, was he talking about us?

"Would you guys ever consider meeting these girls?" asked the lady,

"Of course!" said Harry, he smiled to camera and his dimple to die for showed.

Evangeline turned the TV off, I was about to argue but I saw how shocked she was. "Are you okay?" I asked her,

"One Direction was talking about us! I'm more than okay!" said Evangeline,

"I know!" I said. We both got up and we started to jump up and down, I can't believe this day was happening. 

"We have to finish our music video! Maybe after they will meet us for sure!" said Evangeline.

We both ran up the stairs and decided to get changed, this time instead of dressing up like One Direction we dressed up like fans. I had on my One Direction shirt, my short jean shorts, my hair was curled, and I placed in the British flag contacts, they looked really creepy but really cool. It took me and Evangeline forever to look for these, but it was so worth it. Evangeline had on another One Direction shirt, her short jean shorts, her hair was straight, and instead of having British flags in she had Italian flag contacts, we also took forever finding them but of course it was worth it.

Evangeline grabbed the camera and we both ran outside super excited to be filming this. We both got into my car and we drove of to the one place we loved to be at, the coffee shop. Once we got there we got out of the car and we walked inside, there was a few people there, but Jace wasn't working today. "Okay let's set up," I said smiling.

I sat down on the chair surrounding the table, and got ready to sing, "I'm weaker, my words fall then they hit the ground," I sang, Evangeline stopped the filming and we moved to another table. This time Evangeline sat down and I started to film while she started to sing,

"Oh life, come on head don't you fail me now," she sang. I stopped filming and we moved back to the first table, I sat down and we started to film again,

"I start to say, I think I love you but I make no sound," I sang.

We stopped filming and decided to get a coffee for Evangeline, for the video. We ordered and waited, it took a while for the coffee to be finally ready. We left the coffee where it was, which was where they put the coffee's that are ready. Evangeline took a seat on the table she was sitting earlier and once I started to film she started to sing, "You know 'cause all my life," Evangeline got up and started to walk to get her coffee while she was still singing, "I've been waiting for a girl like you to come around," she sang. I stopped filming and we both headed outside.

We set up the camera and we both started to sing while cars were passing by behind us, it was fun. That was all we were planning on filming, all we had to do was go home and fix it up a bit and put it up, and if we were lucky maybe One Direction will watch it.

I drove us home and we were both really happy with this video we were filming, it's not as cool as Shane Dawson's videos, but it was something and it was our hard work. "I'm really glad we did this," said Evangeline,

"I know I am too, I'm really glad the boss let us the coffee place for this,"  I said,

"I know! Thanks to Jace," said Evangeline, I smiled at her, but the smile faded away. Ian came to mind and I hated thinking about Ian right now, he cheated on me and I couldn't stand that fact. But why did he cheat on me after two years?

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