Bromance? GIRLMANCE!

(Girl x Girl)
I've know her for my whole life, I've talked to her about everything there is to talk about, why I'm I starting to like her? When Ariana finds her self starting to like her best friend Evangeline, who happens to be a girl just like her, what will she do? She can ignore her feelings, she can stay with her two year old boyfriend! But something starts to change in her, the thing is she doesn't know why. When it seems like Evangeline might like her back, her crush Jace gets in the way of everything. Who will Evangeline choose? Her best friend as a lover, or her four year old crush?


10. Chapter 10. Planning My Music

I was sitting down in my first period class, ever since the almost kiss at the coffee shop me and Evangeline hadn't really talked, but today it's Monday and we have first period together so we had to talk today. I was on the computer looking up some pictures of One Direction, they were so sexy. "Aren't they yummy?" I jumped in my seat, I was so into the pictures that I got scared when that very familiar voice talked. I turned around and Evangeline was standing right behind me, she took a seat on the chair next to me,

"You scared me!" I said to her, Evangeline started to laugh,

"I'm sorry Ariana but it was pretty funny," she said, I smiled and shook my head. Maybe things won't be awkward like I thought they would be, maybe things will be the same, but I don't feel like I want things to be the same, I want things to change for all the good reasons.

She turned on her computer and started typing stuff into it, I exit out of the window I was in and opened up Microsoft Word, I had an English paper due by the end of the day and I was almost finished with it. "Ariana, look at what I found yesterday," said Evangeline, she turned the computer to face me, a video was about to play. Evangeline clicked play and a little music video came on, but it was with One Direction music, What Makes You Beautiful to be exact, but it wasn't the boys doing this music video, it was two girls doing the music video. They were lip syncing to the song, but it was pretty good,

"How did you find this?" I asked her smiling,

"I was board, so I looked up fan made music videos of One Direction and this came up," she said smiling,

"It would be cool if we do something like this! To show the boys that we love them as much as those girls do," I said smiling, Evangeline looked at me with a bit of excitement in her eyes,

"That's a great idea! But instead of lip syncing, let's sing for real," said Evangeline, the smile I had on my face left. I mean I love to sing don't get me wrong, but I get nervous when I know a lot of people are going to be watching,

"Come on Ariana, so you can sing at a car wash, and they can film you to show it on the news, but you can't sing to make a Youtube video?" asked Evangeline, she was right, people have already seen me sing, but this for some reason makes it feel different.

"I don't know Evangeline, it seems different this time," I said to her,

"Come on, please! For me?" I looked over to her when those words came out of her mouth, she usually said that to guys she had crushes on or guys she was going out with, point was she only said that to guys who she knew couldn't turn that line down. I was still looking at her, she had this fake smile on her face and she was blushing a bit, did she know I was starting to have these weird feelings for her? I should just give in, at least when were going to be singing I won't be the only one, she will be singing as well,

"Fine, but just because I won't be the only one who's singing," I said,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she said hugging me around my neck, I hugged her as well around her waist. We stayed like this for a while, until we pulled away, these feelings keep on getting stronger and stronger.

It was lunch time, Evangeline and I were sitting at our usual table with Mina and Ariel, "Yeah! Me and Ariana are going to be doing a music video! I really hope that once its out the boys see it," said Evangeline, I had a goofy smile on my face, she seemed so excited to be doing this music video, it was kind of cute and funny.

"And your really going to sing?" asked Mina looking at me, I smiled,

"Yeah, I mean I sang at the car wash and they showed it on the news, I think I can sing on this music video," I said smiling,

"Well good, I'm glad your getting over your fear of singing in public because you both have beautiful voices," said Ariel, I let out a small chuckle. Evangeline had a beautiful voice that was just as if angel's were singing, but I didn't really think of me having a beautiful voice, I thought of me having a good voice.

"Ariana! Stop day dreaming!" I heard Evangeline's voice, I snapped out of my thoughts,

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" I asked her,

"I said that we still don't even know what song were doing, or what were doing," said Evangeline,

"Well I would love to be the director! I have good ideas for this, just tell me what the song is," said Mina, I smiled at Mina then at Evangeline,

"And I would be more than happy to be the video camera person, I may not be as good but hey it's better than nothing," said Ariel smiling, I smiled at her as well,

"I think that would be fine," I said to Evangeline,

"Yeah it would! And Ariana, come over to my house today after school so we can figure out what song were going to do," said Evangeline,

"But... My Dad," I said softly. My Dad was horrible as you might of known, if it wasn't a job shift or school he wouldn't let me out of the house, that's why I love the weekends so much.

"If he calls, tell him your at work, he has to believe you," said Evangeline, I smiled and nodded.

It was after school and I was waiting for Evangeline outside of her class room, she was taking longer than usual. "Ariana, what are you doing?" asked a very familiar voice, I turned around and saw Ian,

"I'm waiting for Evangeline," I said to him, he nodded,

"What are you doing later on today?" he asked,

"Well I'm going to Evangeline's house, were filming a music video, don't say it's stupid 'cause it sounds like fun, and we need to figure out what song were going to do," I said,

"Music video? Please don't tell me it's for those guys," he said a little annoyed,

"One Direction? Yes it is for those guys, but why do yo care? It's not a big deal," I said to him shrugging,

"Yes it is, you and Evangeline are both two beautiful girls, and you can sing, if those guys see you I bet they would love to do more than just talk," said Ian, I rolled my eyes at him,

"Relax! It's not a big deal! You have to trust me," I said. Evangeline then chose that moment to come out of her class, she looked between me and Ian and then just at me,

"Come on Evangeline, we have to go," I said to her grabbing her arm, Ian stayed behind and I paid no attention to what he was mumbling to himself.

"What happened?" asked Evangeline,

"He got mad 'cause were doing a music video for One Direction, if you ask me he feels replaced and jealous," I said, she let out a small chuckle.

We were at Evangeline's house, her parents were still at work so it was just us again. My Dad did call and I told him I had a last minute shift, he believed me even though he hung up right after I told him. "Okay, so what song are we going to sing?" asked Evangeline, she handed me over a cup of vanilla coke and she had one of her own,

"I'm not sure," I said to her. We thought about it for a while, but then a song came into mind,

"What if we do Stole My Heart?" I asked her a bit to excited,

"That song so pretty! We should so do that song," said Evangeline. The only reason why that song came into my mind is because, well I feel like Evangeline stole my heart with her friendship, and now shes stealing it in another way. I couldn't help but feel like I had a bit of a crush on her, but I'm still not bi or lesbian, I'm straight, and maybe this little crush I think is real might just be all in my head.

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