Lila and maverick move in with their aunt after their mother and father die in a car crash and they haven't seen their aunt for like 5 years but they didn't just move out of town they moved out of the country to a town in England. when they get there they realize how beautiful it is. they meet tons of new people who are nice and others mean but they have been hearing rumors about 18 year old Zayn Malik and his 15 year old sister Cain. it turns out the rumors are true Zayn and his younger sister are the towns bad girl and bad boy. Will Lila's curiosity get the best of her? will she make friends with Zayn and Cain? will she mess up the first time she talks to them?


3. stay away

Cain's POV

I woke up and got dressed, then, did my hair. " Zayn im leaving bye" I called. I didn't wait for him to answer I just walked out the door. I walked down the street and people looked at me as I walked by. All of a sudden im on the ground. I look up and see who tripped me. I stand up and pushed him to the ground. " you shouldn't have done that" I warned him. I pinned his hands to the ground with my legs. I slapped him across the face. I raised my fist but it got caught by someone.  I felt another pair of hands lift me off of him. next thing I know im pinned against a brick wall. I look up and see who it was. Louis Tomlinson and some blonde dude. the only reason I know Louis is because he goes to my school he is a grade ahead of me. " get your dirty hands off of me" I yelled. " you need to learn a lesson" Louis boomed. The blonde dude held me against the wall and Louis slapped me across the face. I broke free of his grip,. I punched Louis in the stomach. The blonde dude pushed me against the wall and I could feel the blood trickle down my arm. " ok, ok im sorry please don't hurt me please" I begged in defeat. Louis has always tried to stop me from hurting people he's such a goody, goody. " ha the big strong Cain has met her match" Louis bragged" lets go Niall." with that they were gone. I looked at my arm and it had a big cut down it and my nose was pouring blood. I walked down the street and people laughed at me. " be quiet, so, i've lost 2 fights I can still take you all down " I warned. they backed off.   

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