Lila and maverick move in with their aunt after their mother and father die in a car crash and they haven't seen their aunt for like 5 years but they didn't just move out of town they moved out of the country to a town in England. when they get there they realize how beautiful it is. they meet tons of new people who are nice and others mean but they have been hearing rumors about 18 year old Zayn Malik and his 15 year old sister Cain. it turns out the rumors are true Zayn and his younger sister are the towns bad girl and bad boy. Will Lila's curiosity get the best of her? will she make friends with Zayn and Cain? will she mess up the first time she talks to them?


1. MOVE?!?!!??!

Lila's POV

I was sitting on the plane. I cant believe mom and dad are gone for good and we have to go live with aunt. " when do we get to bratfort " I asked maverick. he smiled and said ' you mean Bradford." I rolled my eyes then relaxed and fell asleep. when I woke up the plane landed. we got up and walked off of the plane and into the airport. the airport was cold from the air conditioner. we grabbed our bags off of the belt and walked to the front of the airport. we waited silently until aunt Marie came. she jumped out of the car and ran over to us. " oh my princess" she said then kissed my head like a thousand time. people were looking at us like we were insane. " hi " I say uncomfortably. then she goes to maverick and hugs him. we load our bags into the trunk and sit in the back it would be a little while until we got to her house so ii made my self comfortable.

Cain's POV

I walked down the street it was really hot outside so I put my hat on to keep the blazing sun of my head. I stopped in my tracks when I seen Brad my boyfriend kissing another girl. I marched over to him and he turned to me surprised. he was about to speak but I wouldn't let him. I grabbed a smoothie the guy next to me was drinking and took the lid off of it. I quickly dumped it all over Brad and the girl. I smiled evilly and walked away. people cleared the way when I came by because just this month I have gotten into 43 fights and won 42. the one I lost was with Zayn my older brother. I sat on a bench and stared at the ground. wow I just realized I left Zayn at the store. eh he's old enough to fend for hiss self.     

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