Lila and maverick move in with their aunt after their mother and father die in a car crash and they haven't seen their aunt for like 5 years but they didn't just move out of town they moved out of the country to a town in England. when they get there they realize how beautiful it is. they meet tons of new people who are nice and others mean but they have been hearing rumors about 18 year old Zayn Malik and his 15 year old sister Cain. it turns out the rumors are true Zayn and his younger sister are the towns bad girl and bad boy. Will Lila's curiosity get the best of her? will she make friends with Zayn and Cain? will she mess up the first time she talks to them?


5. Friends?

Cain's POV

I wandered around the streets looking for something to do. I haven't done anything in a week and im really board and considering I don't have a boyfriend im considered worthless in my book. "hey Cain " I heard a voice call from behind me. " What?" I asked turning around and coming face to face with Louis' sister. " I was wondering if maybe we could be friends " she smiled. I almost laughed. " Friend's with you ?" replied " Listen me and you will never be friends do you hear me never " I roared. She looked hurt. I snickered and walked away. My goodness what's wrong with people today? I would never be friends with her she is like my worst enemy. I hate her. Really like I need friends are you kidding.

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