What Does This Mean?

This isn't a diary where i put secret and crushes ad stuff like that. There is this guy that i met in the beginging of sixth grade. I thinks he is flirting or not. But ever since then this is what has happened....


1. Meeting

Its was the begining of August right before school started. It was 4:00 after church and my youth group was meeting up. It was my first year of being in youth so i was just being chill. Sorta. I sat down next to my best friend. Suddenly this guy that i have neverseen before walks in a sits down on the couch accross from me. We stare at each other for about 30 seconds. As we walk out side i was wonder who he was suddley i found out because his friends were yelling his name acroos the field. But he never knew mine all he did that day was look at me. When we went back inside i saw him play fooseball with another friend. She was really bad so i joined in. Us teo against him. It turned out two on a team wasn't good anough. Suddenly he got a score. All he did was hit once and bam the ball went inside the goal. I looked up stunned when he winked at me. From then on i had been locked in to find out if he liked me or if he was just a player. Which it did seem like that since he played football. That whole night i was thinking about him. That was the first time i had ever seen him. He was two grades ahead of me so he was older but he wasn't that tall. He had beautiful eyes. I kept thinking " okay he is just flirting for attention. He doesn't like me" but i sime how couldn't listen to myself. I was just lock in the spell of what all this meant.  I wish i new the answer. I also wish that never ever happened because that day started the year of a life time.

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