What Does This Mean?

This isn't a diary where i put secret and crushes ad stuff like that. There is this guy that i met in the beginging of sixth grade. I thinks he is flirting or not. But ever since then this is what has happened....


2. First Day of School

It was the first day of middle school and i was in sixth grade. Of course everone treated us like little kids. I had all this new stuff to do and learn. I had to remember all three locker combinations and know where i am suppose to go. It was 2nd period and thats when i had a teacher that tough 6th,7th,and 8th grade. As i was waiting for the teacher i swe him go by. I had know idea he went to this school. I think he was stunned to see me. It looked like he saw me turned away then quickly looked back like he was happy. Right has i saw him i knew this was goin to be the longest school year of my life. I found out which class he was in during 2nd period so when i was heading class i would looked for him and almost every day i saw him. He still didn't know my name which i was really happy about. It seemed to him that he jut cared about girls. Every morning when everyone went into the gym i would see him and he would see me. Its was like we always knew when we were around each other. That first day wa definetly a day to remeber. Until i found out i had the meanest teacher in the whole grade. It was like his plan was to ruen every students sixth grade experiece.  That class was right after 2nd period which was the best class ever. So i had the best class then the worst class. The first day of school is always the harest expecially if your the youngest because the 8th graders are always like " we so cool" not all of them though. He was still kid of nice. Maybe! I guess?

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