Upside Down and Inside Out

I am supposed to write a blurb for my story. Maybe I can't, I don't know. My mind draws a blank. Is it because my story is not yet written? Because it still has yet to unfold?
Sometimes life feels upside down and inside out. It feels like the sky is green and the ground isn't there. Sometimes we all feel like we don't belong, like the world doesn't want us there stinking up the place. Maybe, just maybe, I want to hold on.


1. I Am No One.

You can call me No One In Particular. You could also call me Nope for short. It isn't as if our names matter. It feels like nothing matters. What if the world was to suck us up right now? What if zombies invaded and killed us all? I would feel no difference because to feel is something I am incapable of. 

Please do not mistake me. There are times when I can feel happy, but then I think... Is this happy? What if it is just a trick. How do I know I am feeling? And then I feel nothing at all. 

I feel stupid but that is not a feeling. To be stupid, that is real. I am stupid because I looked up what 'feeling' was. I wanted to know what feeling actually meant. A feeling is a sensation but then again, what is a sensation? We made these words but what do they actually mean. 

One day a person pointed to a rock and said 'that is a rock'. They pointed to the sky and declared it the colour blue. But what if the word 'blue' had a different meaning? What if we sat on a blue and the sky was chair? Now you can see the mechanics of my mind. You have seen into the mind of No One In Particular. 

Please don't be discouraged. I am strange. I am weird. I can be normal. Or can I? 

I look up at the sky and see the colour chair. I sit on my blue and I wonder who I am.

I am No One in Particular.

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