Close to Perfect

Marie goes to a one direction concert and when an unfortunate happening turns into something amazing, her dreams come true. But what happens when her dreams aren't exactly what she expected them to be?


14. The Fight

The punches soon escalated into grunts and groans, big objects thunking on the floor. I burst through the door.

"STOP!" I cried.

"Get out." Harry yelled, while wrestling Niall to the ground.

I sprinted to the front of the tour bus, in tears. Liam stood up immediately.

"Harry and N-Niall are-" I stuttered. Liam was running to the bedroom before I could even finish my sentence. Louis followed, and Zayn started to go back there, but turned around and sat next to me.

"Hey, hey. Don't cry. It's all going to turn out okay, Marie." He put his arm around me and I snuggled into his chest, sobbing.

"Shhhhh. You're fine." Zayn soothed. I was almost done crying until Niall and Harry came up, both of them beat up. Niall had a scratch under his eye, and it was starting to bruise. Harry's hair was tousled and he had a bruise forming on his jaw. 

I bit my lip, holding back screams. This was all because of me. 

"I-I should go." I whispered, and sprinted as fast as I could away from my dream-turned-nightmare.

I heard Niall shout my name after me, but he didn't chase.

I didn't care. I ran, not even looking back to see what I was leaving or where I was going. None of that mattered. Not anymore.


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