What happens when a lucky fan runs into her favorite member of 1D? Will he fall for her or will her friend interfere?


6. Hurting

 Iris's POV

I ran home and went to my room. I took my makeup off and took a shower. I dried my hair and put it in a bun. I put on light purple sweat pants and a blue tank top. Grabbed a box of tissues and ice cream. I ate the ice cream and listening to sad music while crying.

 Anne's POV

Niall started to cry and ran off. I followed him. When he got there Liam opened the door and asked what was wrong. Niall just went in the house crying. Liam asked if I knew what was wrong I shook my head and left. When I got home Iris was crying too.

Author's note: I am sorry for the short chapter. I will keep writing the story until Niall and Iris get over each other. Then I am going to make a squeal to the book and I will add Louis's girlfriend. Harry's girlfriend and the other characters you guys want to be. It will be called Happily Ever After ( Interference 2). Bye comment what you think of it so far!!!!!!!

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