Based on the popular song, Radioactive (By Imagine Dragons) The world goes into utter chaos and an apocalypse begins. A new power rises determined to take over the world and run things their way. A small band forms together to fight against them.


1. Prologue

Four years ago in 4396 there was an earthquake that put a crack right through the middle of China. China is the biggest supplier of all countries for everything. They were the richest country in the world. All countries got along until that earthquake hit. Once it did, China couldn't supply anymore. So all countries started to go into a depression.

After about six months of the depression conspiracies started popping up, like France was responsible for the crack. Or that China did that on purpose so they didn't have to do anything more.

It turned into a 'he said she said' and a 'pointing fingers' sort of thing. War was declared all over the world. Utter chaos was everywhere you turned. Neighbor turned on neighbor, Friend turned on friend.

Until out of nowhere turns up this power, a sort of organization with a vision for the future. Where all will be under their rule. Everything will be under their command. You wouldn't be able to plant a crop without their consent and help. But in return you would get the protection of a king. A lot of people went to the organization, called The Red Hand. For most it just sounded like the better option, so they could live in a place without worry.

But some of us knew that was wrong, and while we did want order, we also wanted freedom. This was not how we wanted to live our life. But as the world fell to the power of The Red Hand, revolution against them became a harder thing to put into action. Some people who knew they were to fall next moved to where the revolutioners were, where Oregon is now. But that is all the people we have, enough to fill Oregon. The Red Hand surrounds us, they can't penetrate, but they can block us off. We have hardly enough space to grow. We have no medicine, and food is scarce. Our only chance for survival is to gain more land.

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