Cyber Bully : Zayn Malik

Amanda was not your typical high school girl. She was constantly bullied and made fun of. Especially by Zayn, the high school's most popular guy. With her parents dead and her living with her aunt Amanda's only escape is the mystery guy that she speaks to online. He is the only one whom she feels she can trust and tell her problems to. What happens when one day Amanda decides to finally meet this mystery guy?


8. Chapter 8

Hey guys im soooo sorry that I haven't updated in like forever. I don't even know if people will still read this, but I hope they will. I have been very busy and I honestly have not had the time at all to continue with this story. Im going to try and make the time and I promise to update some more.


Amanda's POV:

I woke up to some light snoring coming from above me. I looked up and saw Zayn sleeping peacefully with his arms around me. I smiled and snuggled into his chest closer. I was about to fall asleep again when I remembered what Zayn had said before. I think im falling in love with you. He cant be falling in love with me. Why would anyone even have any sort of feelings toward me of affection besides my aunt. Im a nobody, a nerd, loser, pathetic, I mean the list could just go on and on.

"Well I would beg to differ."

I gasped and looked up to see Zayn sitting up from his nap, stretching. Oh my god did I say all of that out loud?

"Yes you did. Do you always talk to yourself like that?"

" see I -"

"None of it is true you know," he said.

"What?" Im pretty sure I had a confused look on my face.

"What you said about yourself. Its not true"

"I don't know about that Zayn," I mumbled looking down.

"You are a talented beautiful, amazing, smart, good hearted girl. There is absolutely nothing about you that I would change. Im so sorry if you feel that way because of things that I have said and done to you in the past, but believe me when I tell you that I regret every single thing that I have done to you. I want a clean new slate to get to know you and see the real you. Will you allow me to do that?"

I was completely shocked. No guy has ever talked to me that way. What do I say? I have never been in this situation before. I look up and see Zayn looking at me expectantly. I open my mouth to say something but no sound comes out. I visibly see Zayn's face turn into disappointment.

"I knew it. What I did to you was to much and now you cant forgive me and I -"

I took his face in my hands and kissed him. He was shocked at first but soon started kissing me back. He pushed me down on the bed and hovered above me, his lips never leaving mine. He nipped at my bottom lip and swiped his tongue across it asking for entrance. I immediately granted it and he deepened the kiss. He moved his head down and started kissing and sucking on my neck and jawline. Small moans escaped my mouth as he continued down to my collarbone. Things were getting kind of heated so I moved his head back up and gave him a quick kiss on his lips.

"I think we should stop. My aunt could be home any minute" I said. "You're right, but you still haven't answered my question".

"What question?" I asked. "Will you allow me to get to know the real you and start fresh?" he asked while looking down at me. I didn't hesitate in answering.

"Of course I will."


After another make out session with Zayn he decided that he should go home considering that my aunt was probably on her way back home.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow ok?" he said. He kissed my forehead and walked out the front door. I watched as he got into his car and drove away into the night. As I was about to close the door my aunt pulled up into the driveway. I waved hello at her as she got out of the car. "Who was that?" she asked motioning to the empty street. "Umm that was Zayn" I mumbled. " Im sorry who?" she asked again. I took a deep breath before answering again. "That was Zayn."

"Zayn?" Her eyebrows furrowed as she started thinking trying to remember if he knew him. A look of recognition flashed across her face as it finally hit her who it was. "Zayn Malik!" she yelled.

 I cringed at her loud outburst before nodding slowly. "Oh no Amanda he is bad news. Very bad news."

I don't know why but I instantly felt mad and shouted back at her "No he is not. You don't even know him!" I said raising my voice. "I don't need to I know his type."

"What's that supposed to mean!?" I yelled back. "You know what I mean. He is nothing but trouble and he is just going to be distracting you from what is important right now."

" What's so important that I cant even hang out with him?" I asked. "Getting your scholarship on music so you can go to college." she answered simply.

"Bu that's two years away! I still have time auntie!" I was getting really mad and annoyed. She cant tell me who I can and cannot hang out with. Then something dawned on me. Me and Zayn aren't just hanging out. Were going out. As in I was his girlfriend and he was my boyfriend. Before thinking I blurted out " Well were dating." My aunt looked at me like I was crazy and I had grown two heads.       "No you're not young lady! I forbid you"

"You cant do that." With that I turned around and walked up ignoring my aunt's yells and screams to not walk away from her and ignore her. I slammed my bedroom door and sat on my bed before laying down and falling into a dreamless sleep.


Hey guys sorry if there is any misspells I kind of rushed this chapter. I hope you like it though :)

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