Their Rebel Daughter.

Olivia Tomlinson was Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder's 15 year old daughter. Louis and the boys decided to stop the band when Eleanor got pregnant but still are best friends. Eleanor and Louis were in their thirties and still looked pretty young. Olivia was the rebel of the school, the bad ass. She was known as the girl with amazing parents and uncles. Whenever Louis and Eleanor went on their little vacations to get away for time together one of the boys would watch her and throw huge parties that she invited the whole school to.


3. Chapter 2

Via's POV


I woke up and grabbed my glasses off my nightstand. I grabbed a over-sized hoodie that fell a few inches over my knees and put it on over my bra and underwear. I put my hair in a messy bun and walked downstairs. When I walked by my living room my mom and dad were talking to a lady who had a guy behind her holding a camera. 


"Why are there people here so early in the morning?" I asked tiredly. 


"Via, your mother and I are doing an interview. Please go put some cloths on." My dad said to me. 


"I live here, I'm not getting dressed up for some lady I don't know." I sassed him as Lucas walked downstairs in only his boxers. "Lucas, dad's gonna tell you to put cloths on because that lady is here." I giggled. 


"No, not dressing up for a camera and a lady. " Lucas rolled his eyes. 


"You guys sound just like your father." Mom shook her head. I just shrugged and Lucas and I walked into the kitchen. We ate breakfast then went back to our rooms. I got a text from Anthony on my phone. 


'Hey wanna chill today?'

'Yea sure what time?' 

'Anytime, don't matter. Text me when your leaving.'

'Kay. See ya soon! (:'


It was 11:38. Should probably get ready now.. I got up and went to my closet, I grabbed a turquoise button up shirt, and white shorts. I grabbed wedges that had turquoise straps and bangles. I grabbed a random purse and put all my makeup, my phone, perfume, all that junk.. I just put a very light blue eye shadow and some eyeliner and straightened my hair.


I walked downstairs and told my mom and dad I was leaving. I walked to Anthony's house and up the steep hill you had to walk or drive up to get to his house. I knocked on his front door. Usually I would walk right in but I forgot my key to his house here last time I came over. He opened the door and I walked in. 


"Via, you walked all the way up that hill in heels?" His mom asked as we sat on the couch.


"Yea, I was like born in heels. I can do anything in heels." I smiled. 


"You guys can go in Anthony's room, I trust you, Via. Most of the girls Anthony hangs out with are whores, except Holly but I don't know her that well." She said to us. Well then. It was true, with Holly you never could expect what she was gonna do next. We walked upstairs to his room and sat on his bed. 


"Aren't you and Holly dating?" I asked. 


Well, yea. But shhh! My mom doesn't know." Anthony said. 


"Why would I shh?"" I asked mocking him.


"Because you loooooooove me." He smirked, exaggerating the 'love'. 


"Yea, yea. Stop bragging." I giggled pretending to push him away. I've known Anthony since fourth grade. We hated each other. But we stopped hating each other and now we are best friends! "Wanna go to your girlfriends house?" I asked trying not to laugh. I grabbed my key that I left here last time off his shelf and put it in my purse.


"If we must.." He pretended not to be happy. We walked downstairs and into the living room. "We're going to Holly's, mom." Anthony said before we walked out the door. We walked down the hill and down the street a few feet and knocked on her door. No one answered. I could hear the music form her room upstairs. I searched my purse for my key to her house and I found it after looking at a bunch of different ones. I unlocked the door and we walked up the stairs. I put a finger to my lips telling to to be quiet as we stopped at her bedroom door. He nodded as I pushed him to the side of the hallway and poked my head into her room so she could only see my head. She was sitting on her bed with our friend Kaitlin.


"Hey! What are you doing here?" Holly asked with a huge smile. 


"I was just at Anthony's. You guys are dating?" I asked. I have to admit I am going to get a little jealous, cause Anthony has been my best friend since fourth grade and that's six years cause we're all freshman now, even though him and Holly are 16 they were in eighth grade when they were like 14-15. 


"Yea we are." She smiled. Kaitlin was to busy on her phone to be paying attention. 


"Kay, well he's here now." I smiled stepping in her room pulling him by his sleeve after me. They hugged but not a hug like me and Anthony hug, when he hugs me he lifts me up and spins me around. But they just hugged, boringly hugged. We all sat on her bed and Kaitlin had to leave because she was meeting her boyfreind at the library. 


"So you need a boy friend now, Via!" Holly said with a big smile. 


"I know I'm such a loner!" I fake cried into my hands.


"OO! You should date Mikey!!" Holly exclaimed. 


"Your brother?" I asked. She has six siblings. Theres Mikey, 17, Matthew, 14, Sierra,18, Jenn, 15, Kelly,19, and Jessica, who's 20. 


"Yea! Why not?" She frowned a bit. 


"He's your brother! Wouldn't it be like totally awkward?" I looked her in the eyes.


"Okay, yeah it would.. But come on!!" Holly asked. "Anthony is like your brother! So you'd be dating mine and I'd be dating yours." 


"Why do you want me to date some one so bad?" 


"Cause she thinks you feel awkward seeing us together and you being single." Anthony rolled his eyes. 


"It's not awkward!" Yes it is. "I'm a single pringle and proud! When I want to be taken like bacon then I will be." I smiled. 


"Whatever. I just won't be your match maker!" Holly pretended to shoo me away. 


"Good! Your horrible at making matches!" I giggled. She just rolled her eyes. We sat in her room for about twenty minutes watching TV. "Wanna go to the green?" I asked. 


"Yea, you wanna go Holly?" Anthony looked at her. She nodded and put on her flip flops.We walked outside and started toward the green. 


"How can you run in heels?!" Holly asked as we ran across the street to the green. 


"Like I told his mom, I was like born in heels!" I smiled. She nodded agreeing. 


"Hey, Via, isn't that your friend Hunter?" She asked jerking her chin towards three guys that were walking towards us.


"Yeah, it is." I said standing up walking over to them. He was with Jacob, not Anthony's brother a different Jacob, and John. "Hey!" I smiled. 


"Hey, Via. You get taller?" Hunter asked. 


"Nope, I wish. I'm wearing heels so I'm not so short!" I said lifting my foot up, giggling. 


"So what you up to?" He asked. 


"Nothing, just with Anthony and Holly." I shrugged. 


"We should hang out soon." He smiles and I nod agreeing. "Oh yea, one more thing! Mikey totally likes you." He said before walking by me. I watched them walk across the street and to the park. i walked back to the bench and sat next to Holly. 


"What did he say? I can tell by the look on your face your shocked!" Holly giggled poking my arm. 


"Nothing of your business." I smirked. 


"He said something about me didn't he?" She narrowed her eyes at me. 


"No. Well kinda..." I wasn't lying! He didn't say anything about her. Just her brother.


"My family?" I nodded. "Was it Matthew?" 




"Mikey?!" She nearly yelled. I was about to say yes then I got interrupted. 


"At the same time, I wanna hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck"  


My ringtone. I grabbed my iPhone out of my purse. It was Mikey. His picture was of me and him last week going cross eyed and puffing our cheeks up. 



"Hey! Where are you?"

"At the green with Holly and Anthony. Why?" 

"Wanna hang out with me later?"

"Sure where?"

"Lucas is dragging me to the movies with him and Ella. Be my date?" 

"Yea, sure. What time?"

"Uh, I'll pick you up at five?" 

"Yea, alright. See you at five." 



We hung up and Holly had a huge smile on her face looking at me.




"Who are you meeting at five?" 


"Your brother. My brother is dragging him to the movies with him and Ella, and he's dragging me with him." 


"Can I help you get ready?!" 


"No. I have two arms and two legs that aren't broken, I can do it myself." I smiled. "ANTHONY WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET?!" I screeched. 


"I think cause you just made me deaf." He covered his ears laughing. 


"Yea. I do that to people who are to quiet. My dad used to do that to everyone!" I smiled. 


"Well I gotta go home. I'll see you girls tomorrow or later." He said getting up and leaving. 


"Well we should go too!" Holly said. I shook my head and we left. I stayed at her house until 4:30 and went home. 


"Via! Your going with us?!" Lucas asked as I walked into the house. Ella was standing next to him.


"Uh, yea... I have to get ready though.." I said. Ella gave me a dirty look as I walked past her. I just rolled my eyes and went to my room. I went to my closet and looked in it. I grabbed a grey sweater that said 'Make Love' on it, black skinny jeans, black vans, and my grey beanie. I put them all on and painted my nails black. 

I heard the doorbell ring. I grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket, walking down the stairs. Zayn, Niall, Liam and Harry were in the living room along with all their kids, wives, my mom, dad, Lucas, Ella, and Mikey. 


"Via, you're the splitting image of your father!" Perrie gushed. 


"Ha, thanks." I smiled. 


"You ready?" Lucas asked. I nodded as I hugged Mikey. "Well let's go!" We walked out to Lucas' car and drove to the movies. When we got there we got our tickets, snacks and watched Grown Ups 2. It was really funny. When it was over we walked around the mall for a little while. Then we went back to my house. 


"Thanks for going with me." Mikey smiled. 


"Yea. Your lucky you asked and not Lucas cause if Lucas did I would have said no." I smiled back.


"Why?" He asked. I pointed to Ella. "Oh.. I see." He laughed.


"Yeah. Well I'll see you later." I smiled. 


"Yea. See ya." He kissed my cheek and walked down the street with his hands on the back of his neck. 




Hey, cuties! So here's the second chapter! I know it takes me forever to write. Sorry, baby. Well hope you like it! Love you!! Oh and I added what Anthony, Holly, Mikey, and Kaitlin looked like in the characters! 

Jenny Boo <3 :D

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