A Princess Story 2

We meet again…


1. Home

Harrys POV 


I woke up in the morning and kissed the note Sam wrote like I do every morning. I got up and got ready. Then headed to the studio. Zayn was missing. We waited forever. Then he came in with Perrie and…SAM?!?! I got up and ran to Sam I hugged her. "I missed you. I missed you. I missed you so much." I whispered in her ear. "Little space to breath Harry." I loosened the grip on her. "And I need to tell you someth…" "Hey babe." Some guy wrapped his arms around Sam and kissed her cheek. Sam was shaking. She had fear in .her eyes. "Uh Harry this is Josh. My uh…boyfriend." I walked over to the couch and sat down heartbroken. I watched as he whispered something in her ear, tightening his grip on her. A tear ran down her cheek. She nodded slowly. "Well, it was nice to meet you guys…" he kissed Sams cheek and left. Sam fell to the floor in tears when the door closed. I walked over and sat by her. "What did he whisper to you?" I asked. She ignored me and got up. She walked over to Perrie and they hugged. Perrie dragged her out.


Perries POV 


"What happened?" I asked. She cried even harder. "I can't…I can't talk to Harry. He knows we dated. I even told him when we were just friends that I still loved him. And I still do!" She hugged me. I hugged her back. Harry came out.


Harrys POV 


I had to know what was wrong with Sam. I still love her. I told the guys to hush and walked over to the door. Sam was crying really hard. "I can't…I can't talk to Harry. He knows we dated. I even told him when we were just friends that I still loved him. And I still do!" She cried harder. I smiled. Lou tapped me on the shoulder. "She still loves me…" I whispered. "Then go to her." He pushed me out. Sam looked up at me. Then cried even harder. "You heard?" Perrie asked me. I nodded. She signaled me over here. "Sam I gotta go to Zayn. Talk to Harry." "But Josh ul hit me agin if I do!" "Wait…He hit you?!?!" I screamed. She didn't answer. "Ok don't talk to me. Just hug me." She looked at me. She nodded and hugged me. I hugged her back. "He never said I can't talk to you, or hug you. Or even kiss your cheek. If that's ok?" I asked. She looked at me. She kissed me softly. I kissed her back. "He never said I couldn't kiss you." She said not looking at me. I laughed and hugged her tighter. Josh walked in. I stood infront of Sam. "Your a jerk Josh. She doesn't love you…" He dropped his expression. "I know…I just want her to so bad. She's perfect. She has zero flaws…" "But do you you truly love her?" I interrupted him. He looked at me. He thought about it. "No…I don't…Truly love her…do you?" He asked. I faintly smiled. "Yeah…I do…Shes like…My kind of wonderful." I looked back at Sam. She smiled at me. "Look Josh, I'm not the girl for you…" she walked over. "But, you will make someone happy someday. I know it." She kissed his cheek and then he left. She turned to me. "Thanks Harry, you're a good friend." Friend? "Wait what do you mean friend?" I stopped her. "Harry…I don't really wanna date right now, plus you were probably kidding about loving me. It was a one time thing." She kissed my cheek and walked into the studio. I followed her in confused. I don't know how to feel. I had an idea hatching though. I walked over to the guys. We huddled up. "I'm gonna need Perrie and a tuxedo." "I can get Perrie!" Zayn said. "And I can get a tuxedo." Liam said. We put our hands in. "1…2…3…ONE DIRECTION!!!!" We said and went our seller ate ways. 

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